If you are looking at this page, chances are you have already decided that you want to work for an MP. Why do you want to do this job and not another political job? Why you want to work as a Parliamentary Researcher: Many CVs use the same space talking about their lifeguarding duties during the summer of as they do their recent 3 month internship in Westminster. The most successful applicants will have a few months of work experience for an MP. One of my greatest driving forces in life is a desire to see the suffering of others reduced. Whilst party membership is not a pre-requisite, you should know which party you support and therefore only target MPs of that party.

This may be in the form of voluntary work in the constituency office, for the local party, helping during an election campaign, or in Parliament. Many CVs are formatted in an order which can be very frustrating for MPs who are recruiting. Leave spaces between your paragraphs. If you are coming from outside the UK, look at our page on: This is almost totally irrelevant. Here is the ad: Telephone Conservative Central Office on

In the concluding paragraph of your covering letter, try to give three reasons for why you want to work for the MP you are applying to — not generic points on why you want to work for an MP. You can do it. Over the top language also extended to long-winded proclamations about the value of politics: People said things like: This may seem prohibitive to people who cannot afford to work for free, or for small amounts of remuneration, but it is the reality of gaining work for an MP.

Stilfehler assumed based on copyright claims. They are listed roughly in order of importance, but none should be ignored.


w4mp cover letter

I have always been aware and interested in the work that Parliament does and want to be a part of this. Overwhelmingly, the biggest problem identified by members of oetter panel was that people had not tailored their application to the job in question.

Mistakes There were far too many errors in applications. Can they believe that you really understand the fact that they are different from other MPs?

MPs prefer to employ people who already know something about how their offices are run and what is required of their staff. Out of the Parliamentary Assistant applicants, only 28 people mentioned the Plant Group.

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If yours is longer than this, it suggests that you have trouble picking out relevant information. In real life, it should either be to the MP or, if you are really not sure, you should call the office to coevr. A huge number of the applicants talked about skills more relevant to the Parliamentary Assistant position, like political awareness, research and media skills which would NOT be needed in most caseworker positions.

w4mp cover letter

The candidate has also chosen not to group his political experience — it is hidden in the middle of this paragraph. Many potentially good candidates fall at the first hurdle because they make common mistakes, which we hope the scheme has highlighted to them. Jane advertised for a Parliamentary Assistant and a Caseworker and gave away certain information about herself in the process.

Excessive emphasis on own needs Some people placed far too much emphasis on what the job could do for them, rather than what they could do for the job. Once you have decided where you want to work, and in what capacity, you need to think about how your CV will stand out from the hundreds of applications an MP will receive in response to a job advert. You might mention the opportunity to conduct in-depth research, work on legislation, generate pro-active media stories, run an All-Party Group.


Why you want to work as a Parliamentary Researcher: Many people said that they would allow one or two small errors, but for more than that, you would need a very good reason to avoid automatic rejection.

w4mp cover letter

Everything on your application should be there because it is adding something. Order leetter CV in the most accessible way possible. Want a list of jobsearch websites? You do not need to be burning.

Many CVs are formatted in an order which can be very frustrating for MPs who are recruiting.

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This guide sets out the main lessons learned from the scheme. List your education and qualifications in covet chronological order. Bear in mind, that once you have worked for an MP of a particular party, it will be very difficult to work for an MP of another party. Click here for our Jobs page. Lay your letter out nicely and make it neat and pretty.

The rights and compensation lette plant-growers, which has been an important part of your activities as an MP since your first election, is an issue I feel particularly passionate about.

An academic background and interest in parliamentary procedure, looking for an opportunity to experience working with the Parliamentary Labour Party.