Reference List Chen, Y. More Articles Like This. After an awkward silence that seemed like an hour, he and Mary agree to revisit this topic at their next one-on-one meeting. Perception is the key word. It is important to reiterate the point that all of the factors must be addressed. If so, you have negative valence an unattractive outcome. This option is contingent on their quarterly evaluations showing that they produced saleable material for our clients.

The quarterly incentives would make a huge difference in her financial means. After an awkward silence that seemed like an hour, he and Mary agree to revisit this topic at their next one-on-one meeting. April is confused about what she can do to increase her promotion opportunities. Since he uses so much overtime, giving him a monetary bonus would be attractive but giving him a vacation or extra time off for a good job might not be as effective as he seems to be ok with being at work. These evaluations will be critical in the bonuses that will be awarded, and critical for the employee to be able to move up the ladder in the company.

Mary was pretty absent from the “development phase” of the development plan.

A study conducted by Chen, Gupta and Hoshower used expectancy theory to examine factors that motivate business faculty to conduct research by evaluating the attractiveness of 13 possible outcomes of performing research. With the changes to the overtime policies Keith works at a much faster pace. It is recommended that ABC Consulting give all employees a detailed position description among commencement of employment to ensure they are sufficiently aware of the requirements of their position and any reward entitlements.

An outcome has positive valence for your employee when he or she believes achieving it will be desirable.


Motivation a strong desire to act in a certain way—good or bad is internal. Tom vrooks currently planning for retirement, to keep him engaged in maintaining his sales goals, Edith can let him leave at 3pm on a Friday twice a month. By letting employees who do not use vacation time to turn them in for extra money the valence for the employees will increase as they get to choose what they think is valuable.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Reference List Chen, Y. An empirical study of the social correlates of job satisfaction among plant science graduates of a midwestern university: The work conditions and compensation program changes rapidly after the merger to match the competition.

There’s Room For Vroom’s Theory in Employee Motivation

On the other end of the tneory, those employees who are willing to work overtime with productive, salable work produced will be rewarded with being paid double time instead of time and a half. George put in the effort however his performance to outcome valence was negative, causing George to have a negative attitude toward putting in further effort.

vrooms expectancy theory case study

Since he values money, this bonus would be a positive valence motivator to make him work quicker. Motivating salespeople to contribute to marketing intelligence activities: Due to the nature of his position, it is almost impossible to impose a quota for Keith like the other staff members.

vrooms expectancy theory case study

Limitations such as a failure to measure all three motivation variables in accordance to the theory were found within these previous studies Sheridan As noted cas Vroom, motivation is a multiplicative function of expectancy, instrumentality, and valence. These changes have caused the employees to feel they are no longer able to communicate honestly with the leadership team for fear of losing their jobs.

While motivation is individual, there are some general principles of motivation that can help you get the environment-thing right. Expectancy Theory Case Study Summer Since he is salaried employee his office hours are from pm. If so, you will have to show them why their efforts will have the positive effects you expect.


There’s Room For Vroom’s Expectancy Theory in Employee Motivation

So, something like being fired may be a very successful deterrent. Sxpectancy has good instrumentality in that her pay is based on the number of sales she has. As Keith seems to need the money, this negative valence. She is completing 5 great and 5 of poor quality ones, in which she is fully utilizing all the sales reps changes or suggestions.

April is most highly rewarded by receiving promotions at work. Report a bug Atlassian News. Instead, he is a bit disappointed that Mary — his normally optimistic employee — can barely muster a smile. Here’s the principle of the expectancy theory: This case will study will focus on how expectancy theory can be used to help identity and fix productivity problems in Lion Enterprises. Similarly, the Expectancy Theory predicts that people will increase effort if they believe that performance will be enhanced and that higher performance will lead to a reward that is of personal value.

He now uses overtime only when there are multiple IT issues on big accounts so casd does not lose days in the next pay period.

vrooms expectancy theory case study

The quarterly incentives would make a huge difference in her financial means.