Then develop, test and evaluate a questionnaire in a domain of interest to you. Upon confirmation of fewer than 6 but at least 3 UD credits with grades of B or above, 2 HCs will be awarded. Visit the UHP to see a completed thesis in your discipline. If the thesis mentor believes a grade is merited, such grade will be submitted for the first thesis course only. Thesis credit hours may or may not apply towards fulfilling major degree requirements. Arnold Memorial Scholarship was established by family and friends in memory of Danny Arnold, a distinguished member of the University Honors Program who exemplified servant leadership at the University of Dayton.

Certain disciplines allow for the use of questionnaires as part of the research methodology. Are you self-paced and need little supervision? The Honors Thesis Mentor performs the following roles: A thesis can be fun! July 1 Thesis fellowships disbursed. Fourth, visit with the Honors Program’s associate director for research. The breadth requirement does not apply to the courses taken as part of an Honors thesis project.

April 20 Thesis manuscripts are due if no printed copies are requested.

Research Proposal

Thesis credit hours may or may not apply towards fulfilling major degree hoonrs. Laboratory or other research-related equipment and supplies Art supplies and equipment The purchase or lease of computer software Books or periodicals not available through normal library sources or central to the thesis project Costs for preparing, copying, and mailing surveys Travel expenses directly related to the thesis project automobile mileage, airfare, hotel, meals, etc.

What is an Honors Thesis? The thesis itself is the written work, and represents the culmination of the entire thesis research effort. Students should always review grading standards and criteria very carefully with their advisors during the early stages of the thesis.


Thesis Timeline : University of Dayton, Ohio

There are practical ways to tackle big questions, and you want to be a part of that. The Stander Symposium organizers will make it clear how to get your poster printed. This information formally enters you into the University Honors Program thesis database and provides the names of those hoonrs whom we will follow up in regard to your thesis topic and progress. Being a treasurer or secretary of an organization is usually inconsequential. To Apply for an Honors Contract Course A student wishing to contract for Honors credits in a regular course must complete the following steps with the realization that the contract process must begin the semester before the course will take place and the entire process is completed before the class begins: The udaton must earn a grade of B or higher to honlrs Honors credits.

First, approach faculty you like and ask if they have suggestions. Since an Honors course is fundamentally different from a non-Honors course, the University Honors Program believes hoors the contract course option should be used as infrequently as possible.

Honors Thesis FAQs : University of Dayton, Ohio

Meet all of the deadlines and the printing of your thesis is covered by the UHP. Honors Thesis General Information. There will udajton days when you hate your thesis research. The Honors Thesis Mentor performs the following roles: Thesis Proposal Sample 5: A more detailed assignment for an already-assigned paper, project, or presentation.

Theses and Dissertations

There will be days when you love your Honors thesis mentor. Honors Program Thesis Timeline.

udayton honors thesis

Be registered by the Honors Program for the appropriate 3-credit-hour section of research. A grade of B- or lower results in the course not counting for Honors credits. One option is for a second faculty member to serve as a consultant, or even a co-mentor.


Please note that the decision regarding funding is made as part of a competitive process. In fact, thesis research typically strengthens these proposals. Students are encouraged to apply for the Palermo Founders Fund based on the merit of the proposal and independent of the amount of the thesis funds being requested in Section VII. To graduate with an Honors Program diploma submit a digital copy of all Word documents of the student’s thesis to the University Honors Program Office Coordinator.

In addition to discussing the shared background of the thesis mentor and student, and the student’s academic prowess, the letter should also address appropriateness of the budget request, and the tangible support the mentor can provide including space, supplies, equipment, and access to contacts necessary for the completion of the research.

udayton honors thesis

Complete the required Junior Honors Workshop podcast by September Thesis students conducting their research on campus over the summer are eligible for a Thesis Summer Housing Fellowship to assist with summer housing fees. Your primary goal is finding an Honors thesis mentor and agreeing on a shared research interest. How is the student graded? Should your proposal be exceptional and meet the requirements of the Palermo Founders Fund, additional support may be available.

The department chair or program director for which the thesis credits are being pursued serves as the advisor of contact in such cases.

April 7 Thesis Manuscripts for Printing Due:

udayton honors thesis