Additional steps such as catering, preparation of paperwork are set internal to the department. Once you have entered information into the fields e. Note that the SFU Library is not able to accept sensitive or non-anonymized data for deposit in Radar. There is sometimes considerable discussion among members of the examining committee of the meaning of ‘revisions’. The student does not need to formally apply for this. If the student is requesting a postponement of the publication of their thesis, the Postponement of Publication Request Form should be submitted for approval to DGS prior date of examination. It is the student’s responsibility to upload all documents and complete the submission steps.

Once your thesis is substantially complete GGR 1. After submission, your thesis will enter the queue for processing, which does not affect your requirements for graduation – please see After you have submitted your thesis to the Library. How do I choose an external examiner? The following is a list of relationships that could be perceived as creating a conflict of interest: Your requirements for graduation as they pertain to thesis submission have been fulfilled once you have completed the following within the Thesis Registration System:.

submitting thesis sfu

Editorial changes may be given to the student after the examination, but, permission is needed from the external if the pre-defence report is to be communicated after the oral examination. Click on the green GO button.

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A new version will not be circulated unless extenuating circumstances as per a special request through DGS typos and editorial changes do not qualify. Your outstanding fees must be cleared before registration begins for the new semester. Deposit your data How can I direct others to find my thesis at the library?


Although some results might need to be summarized in a separate embargoed document, a completely embargoed thesis or dissertation conflicts with scholarly values of peer review and promotion of knowledge and should be avoided. I am ready to defend my thesis.

Recommended ways to advertise the examination: Ensure submutting your thesis follows the library’s formatting standards.

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Please contact graduate studies at defence sfu. The thesis may be passed on the condition that efu be completed to the satisfaction of the submutting supervisor There is sometimes considerable discussion among members of the examining committee of the meaning of ‘revisions’. Login to the Thesis Registration System and click on the Edit tab.

Student and external examiner are planning a future relationship, contingent on a successful defence. After thesis distribution, but before the examination. To submit your thesis to the Library by the deadline dates and timesyou must complete the following steps.

submitting thesis sfu

The goal is to find an external examiner who is expert, available, not in a conflict of interest, and whose services can be obtained at a reasonable cost to the University. It is the department’s responsibility to distribute the report to the rest of the committee.

Even when postponing publication the student must submit the thesis to the library by the library deadline date. Uploading your data files to Radar is entirely voluntary. A better approach is for senior supervisors and graduate program chairs to ask themselves before contacting sgu external examiner whether a potential conflict of interest could be perceived. Once your thesis is substantially complete GGR 1.

Dates and Deadlines

Any corrections that may be required will not delay your graduation. Student and external examiner had or have an academic relationship. An external examiner will be asked for a post-defence report by DGS if the examiner has identified the thesis as exceptional. Even when postponing publication, students must submit the thesis to submotting library by the library deadline date.


A hard copy is not required by the Library. Thesis submission is entirely online. Students can apply to graduate at any time submittingg what is planned to be their final semester of graduate studies.

While not mandatory reading, you are welcome to familiarize yourself with the University’s rationale for digitizing theses which is outlined in Digital access to SFU theses: Please note that although it is recommended, an intake appointment is NOT required in order to submit your thesis to the library. A thesis upon which judgement is deferred shall come forward for re-examination within a period specified by the examining committee. sfy

If your defence falls under outcome 3, the participation of all members of the original examining committee is required in the re-examination leading to a final decision. Book a Thesis Intake appointment with the Theses Office to ensure that your thesis meets formatting requirements and that all supporting documentation is accurate and complete. The student is not permitted to mail the thesis to an external examiner. While you must complete the requested changes, having to make changes to your thesis does not affect when you graduate.