The District has developed a common core curriculum that aligns with state standards. We have established Para-Professional support in each of the math classes with at least 5 at-risk students. We have noticed this data and are taking steps to ensure all students are learning at high levels. Some of these resources include District support eg. Central Elementary School Russell St. For example, if I teach Math 8 during 3rd period; there will be another teacher teaching Math 8 during the 3rd period. Due to the rigorous reading and homework..

Thank you in advance for your support and commitment. Last and certainly not least, the school has re-shuffled its staffing in order to create a Student Academic Assistance Coordinator who monitors our entire PRTI process…from the system used to direct students where to go on a daily basis, to the specific interventions designed for our students with the greatest need…and everything in between. The progress of these students is carefully monitored and adjusted as needed. Bemisaal Full Movie Download Hindi. This season on Homework Hotline we will be talking about some important issues that impact. Fegely Cross Country fifth grade meeting c.

During these meetings mentor and expectations of the high schools are relayed to the 9 th graders.

For writing the teachers have created benchmark assessments given to all students. Students who are currently receiving support through the building-wide system of interventions are continually recognized and praised for their efforts and gains no matter how small.

The 30 minute eXtended Time and Support period allows students to access teachers for additional support as needed during the school day. While some individuals and departmental teams have an advanced understanding of the application and response schoolz different types of assessment data, all teaching staff have a solid foundation of the basic principles.


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Central Elementary School

Thank you in advance for your support and commitment. Recognition of student progress: Some of these resources include District support eg. Students are identified for in-class math support based on formative and summative assessment scores, universal screening data, standardized testing results, as well as teacher input. A school-wide universal screening process that includes detailed diagnostic testing is used to identify students below benchmark in reading and math.

It’s a great tool to help your student keep track of assignments.

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We continue to learn and do more things to help students learn. So in addition to portge implementation dip we had an assessment that did not match our current curriculum.

Students who do schooks need intervention on any given day use the time to work on homework or. As was noticed our achievement in mathematics declined last year in both the 7th grade 67 to 54 and in 8th grade Students work on pre-algebra standards from grades as identified through diagnostic testing.

He continues to see the potential in our staff as a whole to raise the bar in an already high performing school.

portage public schools homework hotline

Our School Data Pbulic is pub,ic in the resources section. In addition, this group conducts research and investigates best practice interventions to enhance what is already in place this may include suggestions for professional development. Literature-based curriculum aimed to introduce.

School Map; Homework Hotline. A presentation for the 8th graders to learn about programming, graduation requirements, and 9th grade scheduling Parent Night: Each Boot Camp focuses on a summary skill where students work on the skill through guided and independent practice.


portage public schools homework hotline

This group helped facilitate the implementation of our XTS period, our working Pyramid Response to Interventions, and further building the capacity of the entire staff. Based on the results of the diagnostic testing and any previous math interventions, students are placed in one of several targeted math intervention groups. Math Support Class Intensive math support class is for students who have multiple demonstrated gaps in math skills as diagnosed through Delta math testing.

XTS will provide time and opportunities during the school day to address the needs of students who have not finished learning in the time portave during a regular class period.

West Middle School

Creating systems of intervention to provide students with additional time and support for learning. Introducing the Homework Hotline. Tiered Writing Support Students are identified for Tiered Writing Support through a school-wide baseline writing screener that focuses on summary writing. Students who are in PAR4 work on oral reading fluency, comprehension, summarization and vocabulary strategies.

The staff at Central Elementary School welcomes you and your family to the school year. Staff with the same courses will occasionally swap students in order to create more intensive, explicit instructional opportunities when needed. Our Homework Hotline is designed to help students in case they are absent or they forgot to.