In gen- eral, each alternative value can be expressed as a propositional logical for- mula. Cognitive Science, 28 5: OpenDial is a Java-based toolkit to develop robust and adaptive dialogue systems for various domains. Learning words and syntax for a scene description task. To be meaningful, most symbolic representations must be grounded in subsymbolic sensory inputs [28]. I successfully defended my PhD thesis on the 21st of February !

PhD thesis, MIT, Notice that the location is described as a pointer to another belief k. For more information contact: A percept union is just another belief, whose content is the combination of all the features from the included percepts. The binder system revolves around a central working memory where percepts can be in- serted, modified or deleted.

Besides the implementation, future work will focus on three aspects. In addition to filtering techniques, forgetting techniques could also improve the system efficiency [6].

A Systems and Representational Approach. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Following the fusion operation, beliefs are then gradually refined — new, improved esti- mations are derived for each belief feature, given the collection of knowledge sources which have been merged.

pierre lison thesis

Moreover, it is crucial for performance reasons to perform aggressive filtering on the beliefs manipulated by the binder, in order to retain only the most likely ones and prune the others. Finally, we want to evaluate the empirical performance and scalability of our approach under a set of controlled experiments.

They can also be used by perceptual components to adapt their internal processing operations to the current situated context contextual priming, anticipation, etc.

A Markov logic network can be interpreted as a template for constructing Markov networks. These measures are represented in the binder as a specific feature included in the belief content.


Computer Speech and Language, 21 2: Using statistical relational learning techniques and a set of train- ing examples, it is possible to learn the weights of a given Markov Logic Network [24].

Taskar, editors, Introduction to Statistical Relational Learning. Instead, they include in their belief history a pointer to liaon local data structure in the subarchitec- ture which was at the origin of the belief.

They include a frame stating where and when the information is assumed to be valid, and an epistemic status stating for piere agent s the information holds.

pierre lison thesis

For human- robot interaction, the incorporated knowledge might include inter alia: Markov Logic is used as a unified representation formalism, allowing us to capture both the complexity relational structure and uncertainty partial observability of typical HRI application domains.

Various levels of beliefs are defined, ranging from the lowest to the highest abstraction level. Such perceptual belief i would be formally defined as: The feature values can be either discrete as for categorical knowl- edge or thessi as for real-valued measures.

Pierre Lison Completes Doctoral Degree – Department of Informatics

A sub- formula such as: Olav finished in June a Master in risk and reliability analysis at the Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo. The outcome is a set of possible unions, each of which has an existence probability describing the likelihood of the grouping. The resulting beliefs can also be easily accessed and retrieved by the other subarchitectures.

Its main purpose is to serve as the voice of young researchers in the public arena, through a range of initiatives related to research policy and science dissemination.


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A-magasinet featured this week a three-pages article on Lenny and my research on human-robot interaction through spoken dialogue. Click here to sign up. The first public release of the OpenDial toolkit is finally available! To keep up with a continuously changing environment, all operations performed on the belief models content updates, queries, etc.

Pierre Lison Completes Doctoral Degree

As a consequence, the formal representations used to specify belief models must possess the expressive power to reflect this rich relational structure in a general way, and reason over it. The code has recently been fully refactored and includes lispn easy-to-use graphical interface. This enables the system to deal with varying levels of noice and uncertainty, which are pervasive and unavoidable for most sensory-motric processes. Thesid, off to a week of well-deserved vacation.

Moreover, the spatio-temporal frame can be extended with the notion of per- spective, where spatial and temporal constraints are defined as being relative to a particular agent a. The article is essentially thesls summary of my PhD work and describes the formalisation of probabilistic rules, the statistical estimation of unknown parameters, and the empirical evaluation of the framework in a human-robot interaction domain.

pierre lison thesis

The lisson of a pair of beliefs is based on the correlation of their content and spatial frameplus other parameters such as the time distance between beliefs.