The first crate weighs pounds and is sitting 2. What velocity would be required for this rocket to orbit Venus at an altitude of km.? How much kinetic energy was lost in this inelastic collision? At this point the reading on the scale is What will be the velocity of the mass when it is What will be the speed of this car 3.

How much energy was released when the bullet was fired? Free fall wikipedia , lookup. What will be the magnitude of the thrust force F being exerted by the boom? What would the velocity of this rocket have to be in order for it to orbit Callisto at an altitude of 4, km? How much force will be required to push this mass to the top of the incline at a constant speed? How much work will be put into this machine? A sign hangs in front of a store as shown to the right.

What will be the total clockwise torque acting on this system? How far downstream will this boat reach the opposite shore?

physics homework #63

What will be the velocity of these two railroad cars after the collision? The resultant R goes from the tail of the first vector to the tip of the last vector as shown. How much will the spring be compressed just as the ball comes to rest against the spring? The sliding elephant then collides with a massive On the physice at the right sketch the acceleration of this car as a function of time.


How much force will be required to push this mass to the top of the incline at a constant speed? How much impulse was delivered to homedork car?


Pyysics is the minimum coefficient of friction between the rider and the wall? How high will the mass be when it stops at the highest point? What will be the speed of the ball as it reaches the ground? A board, which is 7.

physics homework #63

What velocity is required to maintain this orbit? What is the initial momentum of this system in the y direction?


Draw a freebody diagram showing each of the forces acting on this car. How much work will you have to do physsics walking to the top of the stairway?

Graph at right Answers to opposite side: Mass m1 runs into mass m2 in an inelastic collision and both masses stick together and move off after the collision at an angle a as shown. What is the magnitude of the torque being applied to this disc? Homeworm barge is being pulled along a canal by two cables being pulled as shown to the right.

The first car couples with the second car upon collision. What will be the direction and magnitude of the momentum of m 2 before the collision?

How much kinetic energy must be added to this orbiting rocket if it homeework to escape the gravitational effects of Neptune? The distance between Denver Colorado and Vail Colorado is miles.


Conceptual Physics: Homework #63

What will be the reading on the homewwork scale? An airplane, which has an airspeed of mph, heads directly West. How high above the ground will this ball be when it 6#3 the highest point? The mass is then released and is allowed to slide along the horizontal, frictionless surface.

What is the angle a shown in the diagram? How long will it take for the stopper to move around the circular path 10 times? What will be the minimum velocity of the coaster when it reaches the top of the loop if the coaster is to make it safely through the loop? What will be the magnitude of the frictional force acting on the sled as it is pulled to the right at a constant speed?

How much upward force must be applied at the 0. What will be the angular velocity of the wheels on this car? How far up the incline will the box slide before it stops?

physics homework #63