The principal criticism of the course by students has been the relevancy of the material. I have no scientific background but anything I can learn is appreciated. Insurance coverage policies for personalized medicine. This paper was to be a summary of the recent research, explained at a level such that their fellow students would understand what was done and why it was done. The girls’ reactions to treatment are very different, however, due to genetic differences that alter the metabolism of the chemotherapeutic agent.

Provide a short description of the experimental methods being used. Also covered was a brief discussion of the most important genomic technologies involved in drug discovery, drug development, and genotyping, including DNA sequencing, microarrays, and the quantitative polymerase chain reaction QPCR. Received Mar 16; Accepted May Design A 2-credit hour course entitled Principles of the Human Genome, Pharmacogenomics, and Bioinformatics was offered to third-professional year PharmD students. Its potential to improve the lives and healthcare outcomes of patients makes the understanding of pharmacogenetic tests critical.

Papers will be accepted on a first come basis. Developed for an introductory biology class for both majors and non-majors, the case could also be used in an anatomy and physiology course or an endocrinology course.

Blood cell structure pharmacogenomixs function; pharmacogenomics; acute lymphoblastic leukemia ALL ; thiopurines; drug metabolism; thiopurine methyltransferase gene; TMPT; polymorphism; personalized medicine; data analysis; quantitative reasoning. Evaluations are voluntary; students are not required to complete the survey.

How does this paper agree or disagree with other studies? We are waiting for his results. Each student will have to choose a different paper i. To become a paid subscriber, begin the process by registering here.

Next, correct and accurate reimbursement for using these tests would be in jeopardy because of the non-specific manner in which the tests were documented. This specific example of pharmacogenetics, how genetic testing can be used to treat ALL, is later expanded to consider the wider area of pharmacogenomics, where genome-wide testing can provide information about the most appropriate treatment for individuals based on their genetic profile.


Pharmacogenetics: How Genetic Information Is Used to Treat Disease

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. How are they significant? Finally, students were required to write a page paper summarizing a current pharmacogenetics paper from the primary literature Appendix 1. The rationale for this decision was that the ability to listen carefully and take accurate notes was an important skill that our students needed to develop.

Pharmacogenetics: How Genetic Information Is Used to Treat Disease | Ethics Education Library

The girls’ reactions to treatment pharmaccogenomics very different, however, due to genetic differences that alter the metabolism of the chemotherapeutic agent. Providing students with the notes prior to each class would not have furthered this goal. These findings are more dramatically illustrated by looking at the percentage of students who pharmacogenomkcs or strongly agreed with this statement: Recognize the important role of the bone marrow for the production of different types of blood cells.

pharmacogenomics case study buffalo

Pharmacogenetic tests allow clinicians to better predict the potential efficacy or toxicity of a drug in a particular patient. The evaluation process was done online and all responses were anonymous. Applications of pharmacogenetic data and concepts are just cade to appear in clinical settings eg, drug labeling, including statements stduy to patient specific genetics and are seldom encountered in community pharmacies.

Population genetic structure of variable drug response. Am J Hum Genet. These CPT codes are for pharmacogenomic tests that detect specific gene variants known to impact drug therapy. Determines MGMT methylation status to guide therapy with alkylating agents.


It is not known precisely how often these tests were utilized after they debuted, but it is reasonable to suspect that they were not widely employed by practitioners. We forwarded it to the author and she agreed it would be good to modify this, though she preferred to keep it general.

Explain how a mutation in the gene coding for a protein enzyme associated with inactivation of the chemotherapeutic agent used to treat ALL can lead to toxic side effects, and the strategy for treating individuals with this mutation.

Pharmacogenetics: Using Genetics to Treat Disease

Until relatively recently, it has been difficult to document specific pharmacogenomic tests using current procedural technology CPT codes. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. In this clicker case, two teenagers are diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia ALLa cancer of the bone marrow where there is an abnormal overproduction of lymphocyte precursors.

Some pharmacogenomic tests are actually comprised of multiple individual tests that are performed and analyzed with a proprietary algorithm to assist in therapeutic decision making. On the due date, students had to submit both a hard copy and an electronic copy of their paper. Undergraduate lower division, Undergraduate upper division, Graduate, Clinical education.

pharmacogenomics case study buffalo

Analyze data from the primary literature to understand the mechanism responsible for different responses to a drug.