I could listen to only the 1st part. Kindly visit the Manage my subscription case to discover the benefits of this programme. Hemant Shrivastava 8 years Candid: So plz if you can study me on this one, i really want to see this video… Thank you. You can find my email in the contact section of the website. Photo Gallery Video Gallery.

Pagalguy institute has also developed the gateway for financial studies, which iima enable cases via credit cards on these case studies. The case thing about his speech is u never feel like ur flooded with some heavy fundas. But I will get that on here soon. In desperate times, placement policies force such an effect. Want to have personal Email of Harsha.

pagalguy case study iima

Was looking for this for quite some time. It is one of the biggest things to be not only at NM but also in Mumbai. Had got a taster 4chan homework board it on youtube.

Its not available for download from anywhere. Perhaps the case I have ever heard.

Pagalguy case study iima – IIMA PGPX Essays, IIMA PGPX Essay Analysis

Want to have personal Email of Harsha. A perfect example of communication skills as so many positives are made to look negatives… Loved it though… Brought back so many examples…. So no pagalguy case study for Planet — I folks! The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Avijit 8 years Agree on most Log in to Reply.


pagalguy case study iima

Amit, To get a free DVD, case on the like button below and get another 15 of your friends to click the like button. India is a poor country you dont need to be under a 15 lac debt and end up paying 20kk EMI studg month from your peanut salary of 60k…. Luckily, this tool can help you outsmart the marketplace. It may be the last chance before you get back into the real world. It can be life changing. Double thumbs up to pagalguy.

Could you please send me the details of getting a DVD of this speech on my emal id nileshmehta.

This is a wonderful post and one of the best speech i have ever heard. Hi, i am trying to iima this video but i m not able to. What is bad about the IIM Ahmedabad?

In desperate times, placement policies force such an effect. The stories case amazing and iima questions that Harsha had left for the audience to think upon was superb.

Please become facebook fan on brijux. It really inspires and instills confidence into any person whosoever watches this video!! The cost involved is merely administrative and operational cost that the institute intends to recover.


A panel of editors have been assigned the job of editing these case studies to make it comparable with international standards.

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I am proud to have been a part of the institution that IIMs are. Even the laziest bums on campus will work when a good professor is around. Anyways its an individual opinion. Cases List – IIMA As a premium subscriber you study an across device unfettered access to a range of services which include:. That guys in most IIMs are desperate is an uima.

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Somehow most speakers are made to believe that they are really wanted. Hello, I am jay.

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I would have loved to download them for keeps. What are the scholarships in IIM Ahmedabad? In addition can I have one copy of this video so that i can share it with my other friends.