Registration Currently around a third of registration applications are declined. This is done to protect the public and, by that, the reputation of the architectural profession. Checklist To ensure your application is complete, a Checklist needs to be filled out and included with your application. Back to the top. In each case this must include an explanation of how you met the relevant Minimum Standard for Registration as a Registered Architect during your work on the project and your analysis of that stage of the work, including observations on how the process could have been improved.

If it is helpful to you, the use of karakia or prayer is also acceptable. Intake close off date: Contact us Head Office: Skype is not of an acceptable quality in this context. Where more than one project is submitted, a summary sheet in tabular form must be included clearly identifying the standards covered under each project.

Becoming a registered architect

Each copy of your case study must be provided in and not exceed an Eastlight or Colorado hard card foolscap filing box. Professional Conversation A professional conversation is a form of assessment that allows an applicant to demonstrate their understanding and give examples of their knowledge, experience exampled attitude.

The procedure involves you: Again, get objective advice. For those with a recognised qualification and the required work experience, please follow the four steps outlined below.

You can apply for this at any time.

nzrab case study examples

Applicants often face the difficulty that their employers have not been able to exa,ples them in all aspects of managing building projects. Skype is not of an acceptable quality in this context. Some applicants who have been Registered Architects in other countries have struggled because they have not built up enough knowledge and experience of the New Zealand context. Becoming a registered architect.


Currently around a third of registration applications are declined. The professional conversation takes a maximum of three hours, excluding breaks, and you need to manage the time carefully.

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Where appropriate and relevant, your case study should include at least the following documentation: If you exmaples met the standard you then receive information about your entitlements and obligations as a Registered Architect and an invoice for your annual Certificate of Registration as a New Zealand Architect.

As noted earlier, almost invariably when applications are rejected, it is not because of a lack of architectural skills.

You must include a case study checklist as the first document following the contents page of your case study documentation. In addition, in a separate envelope, you need to provide the following documents: If you are unsure, get objective advice.

Project initiation and predesign Concept, preliminary and developed design stages Detailed design and documentation Procurement Administration and observation of contract works Practice management and office conduct The NZIA APL Registration Programme provides seminars, and workshops throughout the year for Members on these Experience Areas. Two copies of your case study and a memory stick with the case study saved should be sent to the NZRAB.

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An Experience Area Mzrab in Auckland. Contact us Head Office: If your projects do not adequately address any of the required standards, the Assessment Panel may pose questions of a more theoretical or hypothetical nature.


The majority of registrations in New Zealand fall under Pathway 1. You will also be advised of your right to request a review of the assessment process that was applied to you.

nzrab case study examples

The Board does not record professional conversations and does not nsrab applicants to do the same. This may include asking you to sketch typical construction details. For information on what’s required to present a paper-based case study, go here. This may include a minimum of nzrb and a maximum of three projects of no more than 5 years old.

Photo by David St. That is, your case study must in total cover each of the minimum standards only once.

It is very rare for an application to be declined because the applicant lacks design skill or flair. Dates for the programme have been announced and graduate members can login and view these here. Much more commonly, it is because the applicant lacks knowledge and experience in terms of the practicalities in the New Zealand context.

In the discussion, you lead the Assessment Panel through your case study, nzrqb the project syour role s within them, and how nzrabb indicates that you meet the minimum standards for registration. Additional information is available on the professional conversation as an assessment tool.