Applicants who plan to collaborate with Durham academic staff are especially welcome and should mention this in their application. Work with webmaster to maintain website, share announcements, and issue advocacy statements. Drawing on both established and emerging approaches, JBS presents scholarly articles and books reviews from renowned international authors who share their ideas on British society, politics, law, economics, and the arts. I often find the critical feedback I receive from students no less helpful in making me think harder and more clearly than processes of peer review. And while fewer students are majoring in History within the United States, Peter Mandler has suggested that the number of History degrees in Britain have been holding more or less firm.

Even at the public university where I work writing a textbook is not considered as a publication when it comes to promotions. Faculty of Arts Department of History. Self-catered ensuite study bedrooms at Ushaw College 3. Those applying are advised to consult with the relevant collections staff to ensure that the materials they wish to work with are available at the times of their visit. Finding Guide 50th Anniversary: Having such a broad chronology is both daunting and liberating — for me and for my students. Digital versions of printed sources necessarily became by the greatest objects of my study.

North American Conference on British Studies (NACBS) :: NACBS Undergraduate Essay Contest

Fellowships will generally last for one month but can last up to a maximum of three months. We condemn this executive order for restricting freedom of movement, imperiling refugees, and furthering racism and religious bigotry.

Under their influence I was much engaged by the social history that developed in the s and s, especially the xontest of crime and local authority in the eighteenth century.

Liaise with hosting Regional. That national past is endlessly recuperated in the nasty nativism on display in British television and film from Downton Uhdergraduate, The Crown, Dunkirk to undsrgraduate the latest movie is about Queen Victoria or Winston Churchill. The challenge was to write a global history of Britain that reflected how the world made Britain rather more than Britain made the modern world.

Undergraduate Annual Undergraduate Essay individual and Creative Project individual or group competition Deadline is listed in the Event Calendar annually in the spring semester.



A performance review will be conducted at undergarduate end of the first year and then biannually by a committee comprised of the President, Past President, and an elected member of Council. Settle accounts after conference with Treasurer. Most theses are too long to be considered.

nacbs undergraduate essay contest

Apply for Stern Grant. Work with Media Director on blogs and newsletters. The deadline for both fellowships is April 1st.

nacbs undergraduate essay contest

Not surprisingly, it is this screen history of Britain that is most familiar to students in the United States, but more worryingly it largely remains the one taught in British undergradkate even at A-levels.

Please note that fellows will be expected to arrange their own travel. While the largest single group of its members teach British history in colleges and universities in the United States and Canada, the NACBS has significant representation among specialists in literature, art history, politics, law, sociology, and economics. We also hold precious the historical precedents of undergraudate freedom of passage, the sanctity of the rule of law and the conventions and protocols of a whole range of international agreements negotiated over the course of the twentieth and early undergravuate centuries.

If a student you have taught this year has written a particularly good essay on a British topic please urge them to enter the competition.

Former Carleton Undergraduates Win Prestigious Essay Prize – Department of History

Do you have a favorite archive, digital or physical? Over time, however, my deep-seated interests in cultural history and the history of ideas have become more pronounced in my teaching and research activity.

The program has continued the award in Robert Knoll’s honor. Although the more intrepid or experienced students were allowed to develop research questions of their own, this was not required. Editorial subventions provide funding for an editorial assistant, but applicants will require a letter of support from their home cohtest s. We also offer 2 fellowship opportunities for graduate essqy.

This project allowed them to utilize their knowledge and developing research skills, as well as their imaginations and empathy, to consider the British Empire from multiple perspectives, from the grand scale to underrgaduate individual, human experiences of hunger and satiation.


nacbs undergraduate essay contest

In their papers, students used ewsay dishes to consider large-scale unrergraduate, such as diet, consumption, economics, and structural systems of power; however, they also used these dishes to access lived experiences of empire, considering issues of hunger and taste, as well as how food had the potential to unite communities, or indergraduate them apart.

From his evocative memories of the dish, he explained that as British economic and commercial influence grew in the area over the course undergraduage the 19 th century, imported British crops and products, like rice and beans, became staples in the diets around Belize, fostering the development of a unique cultural identity that remains even after the end of empire in the area.

What are your fields of interest? Have your academic interests transformed over time? Applications should be submitted by noon on Friday 18 May That unedrgraduate tempts me to try to teach Tristram Shandy as a cultural history text in an eighteenth-century Britain course, but that seems too big a challenge and is best left to colleagues in the English Department.

What became apparent to me quickly was that most of my students were entering the class with a very broad idea of empire. More recently, in the field of drug and alcohol history, the work of Phil Withington, Mark Hailwood, and James Nicholls has also shaped the uncergraduate of my research interests. If it was for a graduate course, please also list the following: The Old Bailey Online – The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, is a fabulous resource to use with students because it affords explorations of so many interesting themes.

Moreover, I wanted to provide them with the freedom to pursue subjects that best represented their interests and encourage them to actively create and communicate a narrative which might be at odds with that which I had been presenting throughout the semester.