Who’s the easiest grader on campus? This course will go over basic installation, JSON, schema design, querying, insertion of data, indexing and working with language drivers. Newer Post Older Post Home. MongoDB for Developers Homework 2. In the course, you will build a blogging platform, backed by MongoDB. To figure out what queries you need to optimize, you can read the blog.

A city might have multiple zip codes. Note that not all students in the same class have the same exact number of assessments. In this problem you will analyze a profile log taken from a different mongoDB instance and you will import it into a collection named sysprofile. To start, please download sysprofile. Import it into your mongod using the following command from the command line: Those students achieved a class average of

Making the Blog fast Please download hw But you can, for fun. This involves calculating an average for each student in each class of all non-quiz assessments and then averaging those numbers to answres a class average. Crunching the Zipcode dataset Please calculate the average population of cities in California abbreviation CA and New York NY taken together with populations over 25, Get personalized course recommendations, track subjects and courses with reminders, and more.

Start mongodb development with our skilled and experienced mongodb developers. Newer Post Older Post Home. Sunday, January 22, [Solution] Week 2: In this problem you will analyze a profile log taken from a different mongoDB instance and you m101l import it into a collection named sysprofile.


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Please query the video. Maxwell Dantas November 16, at 4: What can you infer from the following explain output? Once again, you will be using the zip code collection, which you will find in the ‘handouts’ link in this page.

Our code examples will be given in Python. anwwers

[Solution] Week 4 :Performance : MP: MongoDB for Developers

Monday, February 13, [Solution] Week 5: We are also providing a patriotic if you are an American data set for mobgodb blog. Intrested click here – Mongo Database Services.

mongodb m101p homework answers

There are entries with lots of comments and tags. Don’t include their quiz scores in the calculation. If you notice that while importing, there are a few duplicates fear not, this is expected and will not affect your answer.

This course have no prerequisites except “working knowledge of Python”. You should see three files at the highest level: There are hyperlinks from the post tags to answrrs page that displays the 10 most recent blog entries for that tag. Assignments and course videos are not very connected; so you need to look up many things without having any proper idea on how to do what is expected.


mongodb m101p homework answers

This is raw data from the United States Postal Service. A brief Python introduction is included in the course. Finding the most frequent author of comments on your blog In this assignment you will use the aggregation framework to find the most frequent author of comments on your blog.

M101P: MongoDB for Developers

You need to group twice to solve this problem. Homedork and share your own catalog of courses with Class Central’s custom lists.

For example, to extract the first digit from the city field, you could write this query:. Once you have added the indexes to make those pages fast run the following.

For this problem, assume that a city name that appears in more than one state represents two separate cities. For this problem, we have used a subset of the data mongidb previously used in zips.

In this homework assignment you will be adding some indexes to the post collection to make the blog fast. The blog home page The page that displays blog posts by tag http: