The parts are out of order forcing the reader to piece the sections together and figure out the details of the plot as the story advances. But the new body has its own advantages to it. Auth with social network: Alice was in the hospital for months needed therapies to rehabilitate her body. The Jarred’s feel like they have been cheated out of their daughter. She can be described as artistic as she likes to draw, which was something her dad taught her. Jarred, and society — Alice is also at constant conflict with society and Mr.

Home Essays Character Sketch Example: Wells, The Invisible Man. Alice was the first person in the world to survive a brain transplant. Alice is clearly confused about her identity. Alice is also a proud person. Non-Linear Form — The story is delineated in to seven snapshots or vignettes.

Alice had to learn again like a small baby how to walk and talk. The two sisters exchange interactions over a diary Jenny is writing. For example, given that a man discovers how to make himself invisible, what might happen?

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Jarred is that he helps her with the coaoley of finding her identity. They each describe the protagonist on their journey within themselves. After the operation Alice had to lots of adjustment as her mind and body were lacking proper coordination. Jarred told her that coakey was not his daughter as his daughter was different in the way she stood and talked from Alice.


At first everything looked strange — the images, the colours and etc. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Also she decides to join the cheer leading team because she is confident coxkley her new body. Alice struggles to find her true identity and what made her Alice.

She had to do a lot of adjustments to cop up with all these problems. The carefully chosen coakly in the story subtly bring out the possible consequences and the possible solutions to an advancement that can be done through modern science. Alice had to re-learn how to move in the hospital and how to speak.

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This wasn’t her breath. Also a society or other people can have a certain image of a person’s identity.

Who is she anyway and tries to find an answer to it. The story written in a series of vignettes where the author presents us the first human brain cells transplant and the question that arises with it, unfolding the plot.

A figurative work in which a surface narrative carries a secondary, symbolic or metaphorical meaning.

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Alice wonders if her father will appear different as well. She must discover what it is that defines her.

mirror image by lena coakley thesis

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Jarred saw and talked to was not her daughter Gail, but a different person, her accent, the way she walks and even when he looked into her eyes.


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Seen on an interview after imsge brain transplant, Mrs. Alice contemplates a reality without mirrors even though she was somewhat obsessed with her own new image.

Registration Forgot your password? She did not recognize him as her father. In the story, the character focused on finding herself.

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Choose coakpey optimal rate and be sure to get the unlimited number of samples immediately without having to wait in the waiting list. She found it difficult when she tried to speak as her tongue seemed very large. Throughout the story, Alice tries to identify with who she is or who she has become, in search for her true identity. Identity is the basic characteristics that determine a persons or things fact of being.

The story is about self realization, the ability to form an opinion about oneself through the eyes of mirror around you. We think you have liked this presentation.