Grunfeld, Helena The contribution of information and communication technologies for development ICT4D projects to capabilities, empowerment and sustainability: Cooley, Dean An investigation of the assumptions of self-handicapping: Li, Patrick Xiao-ping A numerical study of convective heat transfer in stored respiring agricultural produce. Chang, Yi-Wei The impact of consumer perceptions of service convenience on behavioural intentions: Li, Yue Qiang Analysis of vibration reduction via local structural modification. Muhunthan, Murugappan Novel methods of fumigating Australian wildflowers.

Differentiation Based on Relationships with Health and Functioning. Hubner, Marilyn Constructing Safety Training: Addressing the Grand Challenges of the world requires a mode of research that can mirror their scale and complexity. Thai English as a foreign language learners and the use of contemporary English language films. Barber, Alison Working with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse: Frichitthavong, Phouthava Tara Policy development and implementation:

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Hickman, Bronwen Mary Gaunt: Alshelfan, Ayman Ibrahim Maslaha: Brett, Doris Eating the underworld: Jones, David The effect of osteopathic manipulative therapy applied to the lumbar spine on postural stability: Hocking, Debbie The journey of a lifetime: Research Master thesis, Victoria University of Technology.


Jafar, Muhammad Basri An ecological approach to researching biliteracy development of Indonesian bilingual children in Australian social contexts. Kim, Hyeonju A psychographic segmentation study of Korean tourists theis Australia.

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Dell’Oro, Lisa Ann The contribution of divided attention to tripping while walking. Cotton, Alan W The application of microcomputers in large pllicy installations distributed microcomputers.

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Hendriks, Mark Willem Adrianus Sources, distribution and speciation of aluminium master wine production. Kripanont, Napaporn Examining a technology acceptance model of internet usage by academics within Thai business schools. Horgan, Ian The influence of an online collaboration tool on relationships in inter-organisational networks.

Elder, William Brian Numerical model for analysis and control of the quality of bulk-stored grain using cold air. De Fazio, Daniela An exploratory study of neuropsychological impairment, driving performance, and sleepiness in obstructive sleep apnoea and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Other Degree thesis, Victoria University. Baker-Smith, Victoria Vua study of the organizational culture of Panorama.

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Honours thesis, Victoria University of Technology. Milburn, Nicole Borderline personality disorder: Lichtman, Loy A body and technology as meme: Barberis-Page, Irene Abstract and figurative elements of the Apocalypse and its representations.

Fazio, Elissa Effectiveness of smoke barriers: Cahill, Michael Governance in sport and recreation organisations: Cappello, Anthony Italian Australians, the church, war and fascism in Melbourne, Grimwade, Jolyon Roderick Practices and Perceptions: Giri, Ram Ashish The adaptation of language testing models to national testing of school graduates in Nepal: Lindsay, Michelle M Clinician judgement of intellectual function.


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PhD thesis, The University of Melbourne. Coursework Master thesis, Vcitoria University. Arambewela, Rodney Amarasinghe Post-choice satisfaction of international postgraduate students from Asia studying in Victorian universities.

Bourke, Rosie Jean The effects of localized fatigue in the knee extensors on crank power and muscle activation.

Loh, Ngiap Chew Psychographic segmentation study of Singaporean tourists. Misiorek, Violetta Iwona Controlling processes with reference to costs, item price and process evolution.

Dempsey, Kate Values in Leadership: Cole, Martin Modelling of disturbed flow regimes in aspirated pipe systems. Durer’s Draughtsman drawing a reclining nude, Herrenvolk, aesthetic surgery and an artist’s digital studio practice.