Leaf extracts of 15 Anacardiaceae tree species were screened for antimycobacterial activity using a twofold serial microdilution assay against the pathogenic Mycobacterium bovis and multidrug resistant M. View at Google Scholar R. Crude Spondias pinnata bark extract was previously assessed for its antioxidant, anticancer and iron chelating potentials. During surveys for natural enemies that could be used as classical biological control agents of Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi Brazilian pepper , the caterpillar, Tecmessa elegans Schaus Lepidoptera: Reverse phase high-performance liquid chromatography RP-HPLC was performed to establish the chromatographic fingerprint and to identify various chemical components of the plant extract. In the other species of Spondias occurring in the Neotropics, we have observed strong protandry, such that on a given inflorescence one finds flowers with dehiscing anthers and an underdeveloped gynoecium at early anthesis, and flowers with fully-developed pistil and passed anthers at late anthesis see Fig.

Anacardiaceae , a serious environmental weed in the USA and elsewhere in the world. Leaf architecture of Spondias purpurea contd. The spatio-temporal diversification history of Pistacia was assessed to test hypotheses on the Madrean-Tethyan and the Eurasian Tethyan disjunctions through phylogenetic and biogeographic analyses. XML Treatment for Spondias dulcis. Prevalence, numerical estimates, and projections. In view of the limited drugs available for the treatment of degenerative diseases, there is an urgent need for the development of new, nontoxic, and affordable candidates for treating these diseases, especially from natural sources.

The leaflet is amphistomatic; the stomata appeared to be slightly sunken.

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In the Flora of PanamaBlackwell and Dodson [] considered Spondias radlkoferi to be synonymous with Spondias mombinbut later Croat ab revived the species, based on characters of leaflet venation, indumentum, bark and slash, leaf phenology, and flower and fruit phenology and morphology.


Journal of Tropical Ecology 2: Micromorphological characteristics epidermis ornament, stomata type, waxes literagure well as trichomes of the adaxial and abaxial leaf surfaces were examined. Phylogeographic evidence suggests multiple domestications of the species Miller and Schaal; Miller The powdered bark is applied on wounds.

Structure and genetic diversity of Anacardium humile Anacardiaceae: Phenology of Spondias tuberosa Arruda Anacardiaceae under different landscape management regimes and a proposal for a rapid phenological diagnosis using local knowledge.

Breeding systems, floral morphology, flower and fruit anatomy Flowers of revirw species except Spondias purpurea are morphologically hermaphroditic Bachelier and Endress ; Spondias purpurea is dioecious and the flowers display relatively strong sexual dimorphism for the duration of the flower: Mexico to Bolivia and E Brazil; kn cultivated in moist tropics.

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Extracellular release of TNF-alpha by inflammatory macrophages was inhibited by in vitro treatment with Vimang at the same concentrations that showed inhibition of TNF-alpha mRNA levels. Functional foods include any natural product that presents health-promoting effects, thereby reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

literature review on spondias mombin

The tempo of diversification of the families is strikingly different. You are commenting using your WordPress.

A revision of Spondias L. (Anacardiaceae) in the Neotropics

All species have an intrastaminal, annular, secretory disk. Phytochemical analysis indicated the presence of proanthocyanidins, phenolic acids and flavonoids.

Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi Sapindales: The two Old World eastern Asian-Tethyan disjunctions are best explained by one vicariance event in the early Miocene They deserve further research as additives of azole fungicides against F. The results from this study are crucial as literatuge indicated the deleterious and side effects, considering the indiscriminate use of the piterature of these plants for disease treatment. The spatio-temporal diversification history of Pistacia was assessed to test hypotheses on the Madrean-Tethyan and the Eurasian Tethyan disjunctions through phylogenetic and biogeographic analyses.


Topical gels containing extracts of Schinus terebinthifolius have been used to treat bacterial vaginosis. The four cases presented are as follows: Intraperitoneal administration of iron dextran induced an iron overload and led to liver damage along with a significant increase in serum hepatic markers ALT, AST, O, and bilirubin.

From the analyses carried out with this species, this plant showed significant results for the antioxidant and antimicrobial activities, as well as sunscreen action. The thrips Pseudophilothrips ichini Hood Thysanoptera: A larval development assay LDA was used to investigate the in vitro effect of extracts on strongyle larvae.

Literature review on spondias mombin

The antifungal compounds were identified as lupeol and a mix of phenolic lipids. XML Treatment for Spondias macrocarpa. Flowers of Spondias mombin. Abstract As part of an ongoing study of Anacardiaceae subfamily Spondioideaethe ten native and one introduced species of Spondias in the Neotropics are revised. It has been recorded teview mussununga forest dense forest with discontinuous canopy 8—15 m high, on level terrain, in sandy soils spodosols that are momibn poorly drained Stefano et al.

literature review on spondias mombin

Isolation and characterization of polymorphic microsatellite loci in Spondias radlkoferi Anacardiaceae 1. Prophylaxis to sensitization requires familiarity with the numerous Anacardiaceae and derivative products to which one could come in contact.

literature review on spondias mombin

Abstract Cashew, Anacardium occidentale L. In India, the bark of S.