Bollards and other traffic calming measures enable children to play safely once more. An increase in ship size meant they found it difficult to come down the river as far as the Isle of Dogs where the river wasn’t as deep. Between many changes occurred within London Docklands. Why were local people in London’s Docklands dissatisfied with the changes? Make sure you are prepared for vocabulary linked to cities and urban renewal such as: Anonymous 13 January at

Anonymous 18 January at The local authorities were also faced with the problem of what to do with 5, acres of derelict riverside land. How has urban renewal changed over the past 30 years? We were told that there would be new homes and jobs, but not for us. Anonymous 23 October at

IGCSE Geography: Case study of inner city redevelopment: London Docklands

Environmental Improvements hectares of derelict land reclaimed. Posted by Mr Chambers at 6: During 19th Century-port of London busiest in the world Surrounding the docks were: Low-cost housing has also been built along with the renovation of older council-owned properties. A number of parks have been created where buildings once stood. Anonymous 16 November at This was so helpful! They do not have the skills needed for jobs in these industries.


We were told that there would be new homes and jobs, but not for us. The London Dockl ands Development Corporation During the 19th century, London’s port was one of the busiest in the world, but by the end of the s it was in signficant decline with many of the docks derelict and abandoned.

Take a look at our new resources in the shop Dismiss. The decline of portside industries and manufacturing What were the problems in in the Isle of Dogs?

What improvements were made after ? Critics said they focused too heavily on physical change while disregarding social regeneration. These UDCs had the power to acquire and reclaim land, convert old buildings and improve infrastructure through the investment of government money.

The Regeneration of the London Docklands

Related Topics Use the images below to explore related GeoTopics. However, as house prices began to rise developers were tempted to build high cost housing which local people could not afford.

lddc case study gcse

Containerisation meant few dockers were needed with large cranes used to lift containers from ships; 3. The initial stretch, from Tower Gateway to the southern end of the Isle of Dogs, opened in Many high-rise office blocks, esp.


Tarran Coward-Willis 29 May at Many believe there are insufficient services for people living in the area e. Reclaiming derelict land is: Anonymous 8 January at Many new roads, including M11 link. Smaller developments have included creating an ‘urban village’ to the east of the city centre with new and renovated homes, parks and amenities.

lddc case study gcse

The full Geography Gsce website is www. When answering questions like these, read the article very carefully, perhaps 2 or 3 times before you begin writing.

Why did the London Docks go into decline?

Firefly needs a modern browser, so you may notice things look broken right now. What is urban renewal? What improvements were made after ? Housing Many of the former warehouses have studt transformed into luxury flats.

Less than 1, new council homes have been built – but there are over 25, new private flats and houses. Improve social conditions by:

lddc case study gcse