Today, many people study and learn the best way to throw a punch, or the best way to block a kick; however, many people tend to overlook something so seemingly simple, yet so fundamentally important, as the kiai. Thus, having a thorough knowledge of these areas serves a dual purpose you will know which areas of your own body to protect, and where to strike to obtain maximum results. Who is in the Midddle of one? Now, today, you were defeated, you were bested by some one who was clearly better then you. Your Thesis Abstract must be presented to your instructor at least two weeks prior to testing. Just those relevant to the subject should be listed.

On a personal note, I believe this raw natural sense of protection is what hooked me onto studying Kenpo Karate. Similarly, in boxing I began fighting with only jabs and crosses, and slowly added techniques to my arsenal. It’s just a chance for them to gain something by the exposure I have had. And once the test is completed, the thesis is set aside. Mine was Breath Control:

Your Black Belt Thesis. Apr 9, 6. Some songs could even be used interchangeably or be applied to forms I did not use. Through self analyzation and your quest for perfection, you will inevitably function independently. When setting up for a proper kick, it is imperative to ensure that your hands are in the correct guard position.

kenpo karate thesis

Although these changes are not necessarily due to Doce Pares in particular, and could be attributed to training in any martial art, I know that the experience I have had with Doce Pares is unique, and has shaped me in ways that nothing else could have.


In order to understand the questions we must seek more depth and analysis of what American Kenpo Karate teaches to truly understand the question. He also recommended various breathing exercises to condition the body. A list of your intended sources of information.

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November 21, at 6: The weapon for a side and back kick is the heel of the foot. It got me thinking what would be meaningful for me with my own thesis. As a guideline, your form should contain 20 technique sequences.

Such independence will allow you to make quick decisions, remain steadfast and cool when in a crises — all of which ultimately leads to positive and victorious results. The distinction lies in the intent of the performer and the ears of the listener, and one or the other can make the distinction individually. My charge is to break down and analyze Short and Long Form 3 and Form 4. While this is a reasonable definition, karats still does not answer the real question.

I was quoted out of the Journey book or the kenpo dictionary or something and it said thesiss be a paper about an aspect of kenpo’ or something equally vague. From the moment we met, Ms. One such exercise is to take in a deep breath of air through the nostrils while raising both arms and crossing them in front of your face.

His suggestions are important in any case. I thought it would make a cool collection. I am still using the original six notes, just adding two to each note. To my brother, who trekked the path first. Without proper timing neither your Kenpo movements or the music you are playing will feel right.



kenpo karate thesis

However hard I get hit, it will be twice as hard if I turn away, and much worse because I can never see the blow coming. The way to maintain balance is to make sure that your base leg is bent. Do you already have an account? This is because instead of taking a literal approach to the translating process, I simply pictured the movements of Form 4 and improvised some music that seemed to fit.

Jeff Weitz, Captain Sanchez, Mr. It is hard to karqte find balance as an adult: Just those relevant to the subject should be listed.

Peanut Butter with Diamonds is the mnemonic phrase that I use to remember Protection, Balance, Weapon and Depth, the four essentials needed in order to properly execute your kicks. I wrote my original Balck Belt thesis on Short Form 1.

kenpo karate black belt thesis

Despite the fact that my training in all areas of Doce Pares has imparted these lessons, it is the stickfighting that I feel has had the most impact and effect on my development. At karatw highest level of mastery, kiai did not even depend on the voice, but on presence. The process is then repeated.