In addition to serving on a host of committees at the state and national levels, she has been a classroom and television teacher, actively working in school settings, and has taught at over a dozen international sites. Then you wait … until it is returned. The teacher then asks students to go home, explore their surroundings, and compile a list of additional ways in which government regulations have an impact. The whole class uses the results to discuss how important this topic is, the multiple ways the metric system is used, and how valuable it promises to be in the future. Add to Cart Add to Cart. All too often, the homework that we ask students to do is neither memorable nor meaningful.

The authors take an in-depth look at authentic homework–assignments that are engaging, motivational, and promote real-life applications of knowledge leading to deeper levels of learning. Price may vary by retailer. As the fear of “one right answer” dissipates, all students will begin to contribute and may become respected in new ways by their peers. The students’ homework assignment is to keep a record of their Internet usage for a week; then, in class, they combine the individual data to construct a graph of usage patterns that serves as the basis for the class discussion. Other editions – View all Homework Done Right: Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! Inviting an audience beyond the immediate members of the classroom community to view the product of an assignment can also be a powerful way to add an element of authenticity to the homework process.

Instead, they will involve higher-order thinking and real-life application of knowledge and skills. Homework Done Right shows teachers how homework assignments can connect with the curriculum and how to make it applicable to their students’ lives.

Benjamin Botwinski is currently enrolled as a full-time graduate student at the College of Education, Michigan State University, where he is studying educational policy and administration.


Homework Done Right

No excitement, no discussion, no real feedback. If I want to call my sister at 6: What is the rationale for homework? Rather, they will be combined with opportunities for students to apply skills in real-life situations.

In a literacy unit on communication, one goal is to develop students’ awareness of how online media influence thinking and behavior.

Imagine working diligently to complete an assignment, toiling over the details of the task, bringing it to school on time, and carefully placing it in the homework basket.

Cashing In Meaningful homework is closely connected to what students learn in class; it extends the in-school curriculum and provides opportunities for students to master skills and cement their understanding of big ideas. He has presented research at state and national conferences related to making curriculum more meaningful for students by integrating community resources. Students might bring to class an editorial from a newspaper, pictures of different worship centers in their neighborhood, a flyer advertising a rally for public education at the state capitol, and so on.

What time will it be at home in Lansing, Michigan? During the following week, the students look for examples in the media television, newspapers, and magazines and add them to their charts. As the fear of “one right answer” dissipates, all students will begin to contribute and may become respected in new ways by their peers.

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All of these student homework assignments serve as essential preparation for the unit’s culminating classroom debate on the question, Does our government have too much power? For example, in a science unit about the chemical composition of polymers, students could interview people about their recycling practices. An open-ended homework assignment encourages students to pursue personal interests, use their abilities, and engage in new social relationships.

Moving beyond the current “homework debate,” this resource is split into three sections to explain the rationale for meaningful homework, how to make it relevant, and how students in different grades respond to it. Meaningful homework assignments can encourage all families to feel welcome. The authors invite classroom teachers and building leaders to rethink out-of-school time and reclaim at least part of it as learning time in order to regain spirit and passion for teaching and learning.


homework done right janet alleman

She suggests ideas for the problems, such as converting days to weeks, adding hours and minutes, and calculating time zones. Especially powerful are homework assignments that give students opportunities to create authentic products that can be used in meaningful ways in the classroom.

Homework Done Right – Educational Leadership

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Corwin PressApr 14, – Education – pages. Barbara has coauthored or contributed to several books on education, including two with an in-depth look at teaching in the primary classroom. Subscribe to ASCD Expressour free e-mail newsletter, to have practical, actionable strategies and information delivered to your e-mail inbox twice a month. Meaningful homework can open endless possibilities for students all along the learning continuum.

Instead of each student simply restating the First Amendment a single correct answerstudents can contribute many different, meaningful answers. Let’s look at a few examples. Parents will be encouraged to participate in homework by adding their views, opinions, observations, or sharing their experiences.

homework done right janet alleman

Meaningful homework activities enrich the school curriculum by challenging students to think deeply about important questions and solve genuine problems.

The book is filled with concrete examples across grade levels that demonstrate the process of matching assignments to the goals and major understandings associated with specific course content. This will not be considered cheating!