With the help of the models, it is possible to deduce on the vitality of trees and their treetops. The practical techniques and theory modules definitely distinguished FIT from other master programmes. FIT has given me much more than I expected. Sharing these approaches indicated different traditions and multi-actors perspectives in the four countries. Afterwards it analyses the changes of corporate and personal income tax rates and evaluates their impact on foreign direct investment in OECD countries.

My general experience is good. Some examples of my work are a campaign to save the virgin forests of Bialowieza in Poland, working with our partner organization in Sweden for the protection of the remaining boreal old-growth forests and another campaign against paper wastage through single-use cups. That sounds sobering at first, but it’s anything but boring. Some of these students are already in their professional careers, others are currently studying for a Master’s degree, but each story is a story of its own and reveals the opportunities open to International Forest Ecosystem Managers. Folgen Sie uns auf: The work starts with the theoretical approach of tax havens and tax competition.

hnee bachelor thesis

Neither the purely forestal nor the purely biological point of view, but the interaction of forest, man and nature, also in an international context, have fascinated me and still do. Bio-Economy in itself cannot be considered as self-evidently sustainable. In Paraguay I worked on a project that taught small farmers better forestry and agricultural techniques.

Participants were taught 10 modules on geo-informatics by lectures from different partner universities that took the lead in delivering the specific courses. The gathered climatic information can be used in the future to prepare recommendations at the neighbourhood level in a 3D simulation.


The purpose of this paper is to assess the effect of tax havens on the economy of OECD countries.

Especially the impact of tax havens on OECD countries in the context of tax competition is an often discussed topic. Second, I searched for a field where I could use and consolidate my logical reasoning.

Thanks to very detailed explanation of the lecturers there, very good books in library and free use of computer labs i could get advanced in forest IT related topics.

hnee bachelor thesis

The structure of the program that takes care of the cognitive, psychomotor and the affective domains of an individual development in environmental study is phenomenal!

Today mapping and navigation are amongst the most popular everyday usages of mobile devices. This decision seemed to be the right, as all professors and class mates encouraged me to improve my knowledge in computer sciences, statistics and GIS. When I finished high school I wanted to see other places and gain international experience. I am now committed to salvaging what is left of our natural environment in Ghana for the rest of my life.

I am preparing now to found my own company for Environmental IT.

Faculty of Forest and Environment

The proposal was selected amongst eligible applications for the call. Finding your location on a phone is no hhee a novelty, it has become a standard consumer expectation.

bachflor Five German universities including HNEE and an architect partnership received funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research to develop a research project on sustainable buildings to enhance urban quality of life in Cambodia.

The work starts with the theoretical approach of tax havens and tax competition. At that time, this combination was only offered by the HNE Eberswalde with its innovative study programme International Forest Ecosystem Management – in short: Here are some opinions about the study place Eberswalde and the career opportunities of graduates.


Graduate Achievements

Hochschule Eberswalde Faculty of Forest and Environment. My bachelor studies had prepared me to the satisfaction of my employers, since at least in principle everything works similarly in Australia.

The last part pinpoints the results and presents conclusions and recommendations. Click here to sign up.

hnee bachelor thesis

Besides the technical contents the international aspect of the programme was important to me. To combine natural sciences as forestry or ecology with modern IT has enormous potential.

The practical techniques and theory modules definitely distinguished FIT from other master programmes.

Log In Sign Up. Most of the time it also meant to bring these issues to the media, be it radio, newspapers or television. Thanks to the knowledge acquired in the programme I could already start to work in a company related to forestry and environmental protection during my study time. She has been attending 2 semesters abroad: Nearly all the courses were very stimulating and intellectually challenging. Today I am self-employed, part of which is to help manage the forest of my own community in Saxony-Anhalt.

How forests are functioning is Maria Dolores Perles Garcia interest. First, I wanted to learn about tools that practically help in forest and environmental management.