Can you give the Committee that information? I will hand over for an outline of the paper, after which members will ask questions. Is your strategy part of the overall policing plan? Are those efforts not enough, and are sufficient resources not in place? It is a collective strategy of all the members of the OCTF.

The Treasury set out its revised priorities for current digital transformation projects, to make room for the additional demands on its resources of work to upgrade customs systems in preparation for Brexit. Do the partner organisations listed in the briefing document attend the strategy group meeting, or are they just organisations that are supportive of what you do? Have we any idea of the extent of that and the amounts of money involved in Northern Ireland? They have genuine papers, but when they get here, they are abandoned and their papers are taken from them and are used again and again in the same fashion. Its work will cut across other areas, so that the benefits accrued from its expertise will be picked up by areas such as economic crime or serious organised crime in all of its realms.

In dealing with child pornography there are teams of people constantly online identifying and blocking sites.

At the refinery, the majors move the fuel, and a dye is added to some of it and the marker. If you catch somebody at a laundering site —.

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills business plan quarterly data summary Published by: A custodial sentence would be a more persuasive tool in suggesting to people that they should not engage in fuel smuggling rather than a suspended sentence, which is what has been given for almost the past decade.

hmrc business plan 2012-15

They amount to a minimum of several hundred million pounds a year. There have been many prosecutions. I am just saying that that is one way of looking busibess it. I did not do very much for him, I assure you.


HMRC business plan 2012 to 2015

Certain websites and e-mail addresses are attacked in order to disrupt the activities of the organised crime gangs involved in that. He said in the House of Commons that there is an isotope, or tracer, that can be put in fuel, which cannot be laundered out but can be scanned for, and will immediately identify fuel.

I am just as concerned about cigarette fraud; there is a whole load of other regimes in my business that I am concerned about. As you will see, the document covers the period You asked whether trafficking was a priority. Department for Business, Innovation and Skills annual report and accounts Published by: In our office, a significant number of cases have been, or are being, investigated, and many are with the Public Prosecution Service.

Read more April 13th, In fact, the economics of diesel smuggling now almost makes it not cost-effective. My point is that we are concerned — you may not be — about the number of custodial sentences.

I think that the Lord Chief Justice indicated that he is looking at this issue because he now recognises that a problem has been created by the fact that people have not gone to prison. There will be a large number of businesses which have a turnover currently under the Making Tax Digital MTD registration limit but which will be getting nearer to that figure over time.

So, there would be a huge administrative burden to ensure that people are not committing fraud, and we may end up with the same level of fraud as well as that administrative burden.


Northern Ireland Organised Crime Strategy

We have seen people recovered from sexual exploitation who have been aged between their late teens and their mid-forties. However, the OCTF is designed not to take away the operational independence of the individual organisations businesd it.

Read more May 11th, We are targeting the organised crime gangs that are involved in trafficking people for the purposes of sexual exploitation.

That was the basis under which we were doing it.

There is also an issue about tobacco. The Police Service is accountable primarily to the Policing Board but also to district policing partnerships.

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All those issues will concern citizens in Northern Ireland. It was created following an action point at a cross-border conference. You said that it keeps you awake at night and it is obviously a priority ymrc you, but do you see it as a priority in the system? The decision as to who goes to prison and the outcome of cases lie with the judiciary. It also causes investigative difficulties, given that you are crossing international borders in order to try to trace who the scam may have emanated from.

How could we help to support you to do the job?

hmrc business plan 2012-15

Operational decisions are a matter for each organisation. However, unfortunately there are individuals in Northern Busines who have been subject to the fraud and who have lost substantial amounts of money through that.