The nurse is aware that the success of the rhythm method depends on the:. The client’s platelet count currently is 80, It will be most important to teach the client and family about:. Sickle Cell Anemia Answers. A Fictional Reconstruction Sickle Cell Anemia A Fictional Reconstruction Case Study Answers sickle cell anemia case study answers sickle cell anemia case it study answers sickle cell anemia a fictional reconstruction answer key sickle cell alleles simbio PDF Sickle Cell Anemia a Fictional Reconstruction Answers sickle cell anemia a fictional reconstruction answers sickle cell download free sickle cell anemia a fictional reconstruction study guide answers hard Pediatric: The nurse should administer the medication:.

The priority intervention for this client is:. The physician has ordered an MRI for a client with an orthopedic ailment. Which of the following interventions would be of highest priority for this client? Fractures include the pelvis, femur, and ulna. The nurse is aware that the doctor has ordered continuous observation because:. Before administering the medication, the nurse should assess the client for:.

hesi case study sickle cell anemia quizlet

I’ll report it to the charge nurse. The client’s symptoms are consistent with a diagnosis of:.

A client is admitted to the unit 2 hours after an explosion causes burns to the face. During the assessment of a laboring client, the nurse notes that the FHT are loudest in the upper-right quadrant.

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Which characteristic is associated with babies born to mothers who smoked during pregnancy? What nursing action is most appropriate? Which is the client’s most appropriate priority nursing diagnosis? There is no need to take thyroid medication because the fetus’s thyroid produces a thyroid-stimulating hormone.


Sickle Cell Anemia A Fictional Reconstruction Case Study Answers

A client with diabetes visits the prenatal clinic at 28 weeks gestation. A client with clotting disorder has an order to continue Lovenox enoxaparin injections after discharge. A year-old male from Haiti is brought to the emergency department in sickle cell crisis. A 6-month-old client is placed on strict bed rest following a hernia repair. The nurse is evaluating nutritional outcomes for an elderly client with bulimia.

The nurse is aware that most malignant breast masses occur in the Tail of Spence. Sicmle client with bacterial pneumonia is admitted to the pediatric unit. Mary, a 7-year-old African American girl, was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia SCA when she was 5 months old.

hesi case study sickle cell anemia quizlet

The nurse is caring for a neonate whose mother is diabetic. A 4-month-old is brought to the well-baby clinic for immunization.

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At 1 minute, the nurse could expect to find:. Which observation would the nurse be expected to make after the amniotomy? It is more difficult to maintain thyroid regulation during pregnancy due to a slowing of metabolism. A year-old male is being evaluated for possible acute leukemia.

The registered nurse is making assignments for the day. The nurse notes a previously used bottle of normal saline on the client’s bedside table.


A client with frequent urinary tract infections asks the nurse how she can prevent the reoccurrence. Which instruction should be given to the client who is fitted for a behind-the-ear hearing aid? The nurse should give priority to:. The client is admitted to the hospital with hypertensive crises. The nurse is aware that a nonstress test can be ordered for this client to:.

A client tells the nurse that she is allergic to eggs, dogs, rabbits, and chicken feathers. A newly admitted client has sickle cell crisis.

A client on the psychiatric unit is in an uncontrolled rage and is threatening other clients and staff. The nurse is teaching a group of prenatal clients about the effects of cigarette smoke on fetal development. A gravida III para 0 is admitted to the labor and delivery unit. A priority nursing diagnosis for a child being admitted from surgery following a tonsillectomy is:. The eye should be cleansed with warm water, removing any exudate, before instilling the eyedrops.