X-rays reveal that the client has several fractured bones in the foot. Immediately following surgery, the nurse should give priority to assessing the:. Following a heart transplant, a client is started on medication to prevent organ rejection. A 6-month-old client is placed on strict bed rest following a hernia repair. What is the most appropriate action for the nurse to take?

A pregnant client with a history of alcohol addiction is scheduled for a nonstress test. In anticipation of complications of anesthesia and narcotic administration, the nurse should:. To prevent complications, the most important measurement in the immediate post-operative period for the nurse to take is:. Continue the infusion of magnesium sulfate while monitoring the client’s blood pressure. While in the emergency room, a chest tube is inserted.

Which instruction should be given regarding the medication? The 5-month-old discharged 1 week ago with pneumonia who is being treated with amoxicillin liquid suspension. Which nursing action is most appropriate to control the bleeding? A primigravida with diabetes is admitted to the labor and delivery unit at 34 weeks gestation.

Diazoxide Hyperstat is ordered.

hesi case study sickle cell anemia quizlet

A client with Alzheimer’s disease is awaiting placement in a skilled nursing facility. A client with a fractured hip is being taught correct use of the walker. The client has an order for a trough to be drawn on the client receiving Vancomycin. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The nurse is monitoring a client following a lung resection.


The nurse is conducting an admission assessment of a client with vitamin B12 deficiency. Which information obtained on the visit would cause the most concern? The nurse is caring for an year-old with chronic bronchitis.

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What is the best position for this client? The nurse should place the zero of the manometer at the:. Which finding should be reported to the physician immediately? The nurse should give priority to:. The nurse is caring for a client admitted to the emergency room after a fall. Which side effect is most often associated with this drug? Torsemide has sickle longest half life of all loop diuretics– 6 shudy.

Sickle Cell Anemia A Fictional Reconstruction Case Study Answers

Which toy is best suited to the client? Treatment should aim for daily urine volume of L till euvolemia.

Your browser does not support inline frames. The nurse should explain that a sponge bath is recommended for andmia first 2 weeks of life because:.

hesi case study sickle cell anemia quizlet

The nurse is caring for a 6-year-old client admitted with a diagnosis of conjunctivitis. Which client should be seen first? Which response would be best? The nurse is responsible for performing a neonatal assessment on a full-term infant. While in the emergency room, a chest tube is inserted. A client with Addison’s disease has been admitted with a history of nausea and vomiting for the past 3 days.


The nurse is teaching hsei mother regarding treatment for enterobiasis. Following a heart transplant, a client is started on medication to prevent organ rejection. Which category of medication prevents the formation of antibodies against the new organ?

A client on the psychiatric unit is in an uncontrolled rage and is threatening other clients and staff. An expected side effect of magnesium sulfate is:.

The nurse’s response is based on the knowledge that:. Which equipment would assist the client with a total hip replacement with activities of daily living?