If transferred to managerial role in current organization would you accept the offer? What are your work responsibilities? What different uses can it be put to? The topic was as generic as it is supposed to be, considering that the group can have people various graduation streams. Kaustabh, and he has a lot of Strategy Design feathers on his cap. Is it worth doing?

This was a surreal experience for me, as I was too nervous in the beginning. What is a brand? Sustainable development hampers Industrial Progress? In the retrospect, wasn’t that great of a thought process, but I was just being true to myself and being completely genuine. This tool looks for lower prices at other stores while you shop on Amazon and tells you where to buy.

You need to retain that card till the end of your process.

essay questions in welingkar form

Who is the vice chairman of the planning commission of India? Excerpts From Interview 3: The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. I took a second, drew a Yin-Yang out of the inverted S, made it into a balloon and that is in the hand of a child. Essah do you want to join Welingkar? In PI different panel they asked questions on current topics on financial institutions whatever you are interested in they will ask you on that topic.


Excerpts From Interview 4: It consists of 20 questions like ‘In a room full of 10 people, how many handshakes will happen?

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The interviewers were both from a design background. Is Welingkar Institute of Management good?

Should e-learning replace classroom programs? We just won the world cup in and I drew the winning shot of India and Dhoni.

essay questions in welingkar form

Then 3 candidates concluded the CD case discussion. Which specialization you want to pursue? Simple questions of Math and English were to answered in the computer test center in the campus. I was asked to just make something of it. Every option has some marks and on the basis of the score, candidate’s personality type is determined. That how to articulate these data but aelingkar that it found simple that welingkad you have given in a bar chart format just have to elaborate to start so I started in our group of 9 students.

What was your work profile? Is it worth doing? A curse or a boon.


Welingkar Essay Topics and Question Papers

What are the issues of differences between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu? Sustainable development hampers Industrial Progress? Why have you worked in different sectors? What are your hobbies? Who is the Defense minister of India?

Welingkar Essay Topics and Question Papers

When does Welingkar Mumbai start their process A single word welingiar which we were supposed to create an image using a chart, colors, sticky notes, glue, sparkle dust etc. The Psychometric Test consists of 63 questions to be attempted in 20 http: It has everything essau yet looks so modest from outside. The conversation steered into design, the design interests that I had and believed. Excerpts From Interview 1: The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price.

What are your work responsibilities?