Are today’s youth more responsible, intelligent, and talented than the previous generation s? Nor does the teacher want to teach anything out of syllabus. If we abandon our own national capabilities and ignore our abundant natural abilities as fresh leaders of this country, both of today and tomorrow, then it is us to regret soon. U should write more often. John Garang de Mabior Dr.

I strongly believe that if the talent of each generation were to be averaged out and compared, we would find that none if better or worse. Rather, they play two important roles.. Someone recently remarked to me recently that the fact that people in the west are better at their jobs is because they get to choose their own path in life. Babby, Tabby Penny, my first born, has torn almost a quarter of the books in my home library. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Is today’s youth wiser than their forefathers?

Popular on merinews The most popular citizen journalists’ reports on merinews chosen automatically on the basis of views and comments. The answers were loud and clear, we need to give everyone a chance in any field that the individual is orr at.

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Unlike other measurable metrics like GDP, GNP the pro-active role played by youth is an immeasurable quantity,the effect of which is quite indirect and powerful. So spare me this deliberate circumvention for my own literary convention conducted in a series of serious conferences only within the circumference of my upper room, call it, Head Hall. The previous generations did just that, and so did the generation before them. ysedless


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This class has nothing today, but will have something after today. It should first be borne in mind of the unknowing youth that this day, July 20, is a World Youth Day.

Photo by the author. To ferret out the truth, you only need to sit down ezsay think. Today people believe that Indian youth is useless and their uouth cannot be accelerated to reach the summit. Buddha’s message of non-violence. However, what I found out during my six years of a hide-and-seek game with a ‘real publisher of books’ was but a real publisher of names; of names of those who have already published books.

A Story by Monisha shah It isn’t a story. Youth are not Useless esssay they are used less.

essay on youth useless or usedless

Let us move towards a society in which everyone is given a chance because they sesay useless, they are usedless. When we start giving the right direction to the youth and start ‘using’ their positive energy in a channelised way,the youth becomes the fountain head of creativity.

Most of the times their activities cross the limits, In the name of politics they commit the most serious crimes even murder.

Youth are not useless, but they are used less | Sulekha Creative

Updated Jul 17, It is used for taking in and taking uselless. Is Something Dead In Us? Of my style as from my works of poetry: Very true and inspirational.


essay on youth useless or usedless

Abdul Kalam are the ones whose foundation rests on the shoulders of the country’s youth. So, I sat down and put together these tables: Sometimes they just need to be pushed around to realize this fact. This would have a causal effect on the following attributes. Why even well-educated and well-off Muslims are getting attracted to violent extremism?

This would only work if opportunities were availed on natural abilities and national capabilities. Notify me of new comments via email. The solution to this is that we must give them a proper platform to let them prove themselves. What went wrong in their life and where??

essay on youth useless or usedless

If we need an answer for this question we have to focus our vision on today’s education. We are still no longer at ease as our things are still falling apart! Eight most interesting things about. If is truly said “YOUTH is like a seed,if we take good care of it,fulfill its need,watering it at right time and put it on an open place than it will definitely grow in a tree and produce sweet fruits.

They are what gives the Government of South Sudan a corrupt tag of nepotism.