Then after eating it we went out to the ground to have snow fight. The morning sun was soothing, and the buttered Aloo Parathas for breakfast was delicious. There are many well reputed schools and colleges in this union council and students from all other union council are studying in these schools and colleges to complete their education. On the other hands August is a month of summer which gets most rains so it is the wettest in summer. It is 30 km from Murree.

It is one of the most common tourist attractions of Pakistan experiencing pleasant summers and freezing winters. In this season Everything and Anything can happen in Murree. The most significant commercial establishments, the Post Office, general merchants with European goods, tailors and a millinery, were established opposite the church. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Murree. Scared Pakistan have no chance at World Cup. Angling and boating is also allowed in the lake.

They snowrall a big bouncy castle under the warm tent for all the kids and it was a very different experience for me as I never enjoyed wedding function in past.

Murree and snow: Inseparably beautiful

Event under the snowfall this place remains very gentle as compare to the snnowfall part of the country.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Morha darogha is famous in the whole region for its reputation and people.

essay on snowfall in murree

Notify me of new comments via email. But it didnt fall down. A track wssay t 3 meters wide on the average was carved out along a mountain slope, through thick forest, and a water pipeline was laid in the centre of the track, to carry the stored water to Ayubia, from where it was supplied to Murree at an elevation nearly a thousand meters below the starting point in Dunga Gali.


Malka-e-Kohsar Murree is a Heaven for the tourist

About 30 km from Islamabad lies Simli Lake and the Dam. The best things that we enjoyed was the daily breakfast of mom’s delicious layered parathas with fried eggs and coffee early morning, hot soup in the evening and eating peanuts and chilgozas in the night while tucking ourselves into the blanket telling stories to each other. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Next day we all went to Khanpur dam. It was very enjoyable in the toy train and was very exciting. The road runs through virgin forests and is more safe and smooth to drive on as compared to historical Rawalpindi-Srinagar Highway which used to be the only link between Murree and Islamabad and still provides important link to Murree.

My friends and I were coloring.

essay on snowfall in murree

Again a 4 kilometer long track which is laid on the pipeline supplying water from Dungagali to Murree. An link road is available for those want to go to Murree. Roads are broad and safe. We rested a little and then went outside for a friendly game of basketball even though it was dark; we had a lot of fun.

In the foreground, to the north-east rise the green slopes of Miran Jani Mountain.

There are many hiking points in this city which provide very pleasant experience in the summers. It is connected with Abbottabad on one hand and Murree and on wards to Islamabad onto the other with well constructed and beautifully laid highways.

The Galiyat are popular due to the cool weather essaay beautiful scenery. This type of snowfaol has cold, snowy winters, relatively cool summers with drastically escalated murree, in relation with lower altitudes, and frequent fog. From Nathiagali to Abbottabad the road runs down from about ft. For it is divinely important to turn your ears to the sound of nature around as your eyes feast on a verdant valley on one side, and your nose picks up the heady mix of aromas of rain-soaked earth, dew-dampened undergrowth, pine cones and a green forest washed by heavy thunder-showers overnight.


First snowfall in Murree attracts tourists | Pakistan Today

It is situated at a distance of 16 kilometers from Murree at an elevation essag meters. It equal in length to Nathiagali-Mushkpuri track. Avoid writing your sentences in different tenses Reason of being most visiting hill station is its approach.

There bracelets which you have to make with string.

Murree and snow: Inseparably beautiful- Samaa Digital

Further IJC do a snow cross every winter in mountains and in those days it certainly snows so tie up with them to catch the snow. The most centrally placed and the most well known of the Galis is Nathiagali.

Concise Dictionary of World Place-Names 2nd wnowfall. People stop here for a cup of tea or a cold drink. You can enjoy a lot there. BlueHorn BlueHorn