Chemical Engineering Journal, Volume , , Chemical Engineering and Processing: Simulation of production process for ethyl ter-butyl ether ETBE. Magnetically recoverable TiO2- WO3 photocatalyst to oxidize bisphenol A from model wastewater under simulated solar light. Evolution of sorted waste collection: Computer-aided design of membrane processes for effluent treatment and Cr VI recovery for reuse on-site. Comparative study of the separation of methanol-methyl acetate mixtures by pervaporation and vapor permeation using a commercial membrane.

The use of ionic liquids as efficient extraction medium in the reactive separation of cycloolefins from cyclohexane. Management and Environmental Policy. Modelling of Cr VI removal from polluted groundwaters by ion exchange. Waste Management 31, , Kinetic modeling and energy evaluation of sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate photocatalytic degradation in a new led reactor. Assessment of sustainability in buildings:

The Astronomical Software for Mac OS X webpage lists those packages we managed to install, along with some pointers and tips.

Theoretical and experimental formation of low chlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans in the Fenton oxidation of chlorophenol solutions. Management and Environmental Policy. Continuous operation of membrane processes for the treatment of industrial effluents.


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Membranebased photocatalytic systems for process intensification. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 53 50, Desalination, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 13, Accurate determination of key surface properties bormalizado determine the efficient separation of bovine milk BSA and LF proteins.


An innovative alternative for the treatment of effluents containing metallic pollutants. Ortiz, Membrane reactors for in-situ water removal: Evaluation of operating variables and formation of oxidation by-products.

Pervaporative dehydration of industrial solvents using a zeolite NaA commercial membrane. Intensification of membrane processes.

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Acid and base recovery from softened reverse osmosis RO brines. Consumer behaviour and environmental education in the field of waste electrical and electronic toys: Separation and Purification Technology Article in press.

Mathematical modelling of phenol photooxidation. Chemical Engineering Transactions 39, State of the art and review on the treatment technologies of water reverse osmosis concentrates.

curriculum vitae normalizado mineco

Viability and kinetic modelling of ethyl 2,4- decadienoate adsorption. Simulation of moneco process for ethyl ter-butyl ether ETBE. New insights into the p-cresol degradation. Methodology to design a municipal solid waste generation and composition map: Technol 97, Boron-doped diamond anodic treatment of landfill leachate: Recovery of key components cuurriculum bilberry aroma using a commercial pervaporation membrane.


Journal of Membrane Science 2 The use of ionic liquids as efficient extraction medium in the reactive separation of cycloolefins from cyclohexane. Maria del Mar Carlos Alberola, L.


Novel solvents based on thiocyanate ionic liquids doped with copper i with enhanced equilibrium selectivity curiculum carbon monoxide separation from light gases.

Selective iron removal from spent passivation baths by ion exchange. Journal of Environmental Management, Comparison of reactive membranes containing ILs in the separation of curriculuk olefin-paraffin mixtures.

Biomethanization of refuse from composting plants Abstract E. Water Research 45, Laboratory and pilot plant scale study on the electrochemical oxidation of landfill leachate.