Your solution should work even if s has an infinite number of items. Week 14 Class Material. Lost on the Moon. Interpreters Video full 1pp 8pp. Trees Video full 1pp 8pp Growth Video full 1pp 8pp The Scheme template file, hw

Tail Recursion and Interpreters. Write the predicate ordered? Functions Video full 1pp 8pp Week 12 Class Material. Define a function find which takes in as input a stream and a predicate, and returns the first element in the stream satisfying the predicate. Names Video full 1pp 8pp Week 10 Staff Resources.

Write the predicate ordered? CS61A Homework 11 Due by Iterators Video full 1pp 8pp However, these are questions that 111 consider either more difficult than what we would ask you on an exam or that focus on ideas we are not concerned with in this course, so please do not be discouraged if you do not solve them.

CS61A Homework 11

Representation Video full 1pp 8pp Use Ok to test your code: Orders of Growth and Linked Lists. Aggregation Video full 1pp 8pp Write the function deep-mapwhich takes a function and a deep list a list that might contain other lists and returns a copy of the deep list with all items replaced with the result of applying fn onto gomework item.


Core Questions — Questions that we believe test a core concept of the course and should be your highest priority when attempting the homework.

Mutable Values Video full 1pp 8pp Using STk, you can load and execute functions from this file with the commands assuming you’re in the same directory as hw Interpreters Video full 1pp cs611a. That is, a stream may contain itself as part of the stream definition. Inheritance Video full 1pp 8pp Week 2 Staff Resources.

Linked Lists and Midterm Review. Streams Video full 1pp 8pp Follow the instructions here to submit the electronic copy. If the item is not found, return f assume that a predicate will never match f.

Calculator Video full 1pp 8pp Reinforcement Questions — Questions that we believe have material that is either covered by other questions in this homework or in past homeworks, and can therefore be considered second priority after the core questions have been completed. Congratulations to the winners of the Scheme recursive art contest!

It should return a copy of the list, but with every occurrence of the old word replaced by hoemwork new word, even in sublists.


cs61a homework 11

It is our hope that these categories will help guide you in deciding how to divide your time when working on the hojework. You will need to make the following changes:. Write the predicate ordered? Is it always possible to correctly return f? If you have any questions about using Ok, please refer to this guide.

Homework 11 | CS 61A Fall

Higher-Order Functions Video full 1pp 8pp When you are done, submit with python3 ok –submit. Using STk, you can load and execute functions from this file with the commands assuming you’re bomework the same directory as hw Week 7 Class Material. Week 14 Class Material.

If you would like a reader to give you written feedback on your homework, submit a paper copy to the homework box.

cs61a homework 11

Scheme and Tail Recursion.