Authors can avoid this charge by carefully checking all versions of papers before they are submitted, and avoiding making substantial changes at the proof stage. If you wish, you can supply separate grey-scale and colour files for the print and web versions of your paper. Some information, such as your name as author, is added automatically. Axes should be labelled and include the units. No other key words may be used.

Decisions on whether or not to publish a paper are subjective, but the minimum requirements are: Comprehensive guide on how to format your cover letter in Our class files are available online at Overleaf and also as a downloadable package via the links below. Note that some catalogues, databases and software do provide guidelines on how they should be cited – if so then these guidelines should be followed. Authors are asked to read these instructions carefully. Letters are denoted by the prefix L on the page number e. For example, a relatively empty figure containing only a couple of line plots will be reduced to a single journal column 84 mm wide , and should therefore have thick enough lines and large enough labelling to withstand reduction perhaps to one-half or one-third of original size, or even smaller.

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Authors will be provided with a PDF offprint on publication of their paper. Please note that edited manuscripts will still need to undergo peer-review by the journal.

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All Zooniverse papers published in MNRAS are free to read online to ensure that all of those contributing to them can read the official published mnars of the article. Paper or email submissions are not accepted.

Prefixes such as de or van should be considered as part of the family name for alphabetical mnrsa, and Mc should be alphabetized as if it were Mac. This enables the fastest possible publication, widest dissemination to the research community and greatest impact. These are provided free of charge to the corresponding author, and may be distributed subject to the accompanying terms and conditions.


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When doing photometry, follow the IAU recommendations on photometric systems pdf. Cyrillic, Chinese, Greek, Arabic etc.

Each paper is assessed by a Scientific Editor a member of the Editorial Boardwho in most cases will solicit the opinion fover one or more expert reviewers also called referees. Decisions on whether or not to publish a paper are subjective, but the minimum requirements are:.

If the editor decides to request modifications to letted manuscript, the authors are allowed a maximum of six months to complete them in the first instance, and three months for any further rounds of revision.

However, the authors may instead choose to modify their paper and submit a new version if they believe they can adequately address the report. Other journal style Use a single not double space after a full stop.

For images and photographs, high-quality raster formats are preferable though please note the file size limit in section 3. Errata should be prepared in the same way as other papers, with the following exceptions: There are two additional services which authors may choose to pay for if they wish: The reference list must be in alphabetical order.

My two nominees for associate editor are Jeff Smith and Vern Richardson. For papers that merit urgent publication, MNRAS Lettersthe online section of Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Societypublishes short, topical and significant research in all fields of astronomy ….

Short LaTeX excerpts for mathematical corrections are acceptable. The reference list must be in alphabetical order. There should be an explanation of how the error arose, what needs to be changed e. Log in at http: As much as they civer more work, cover letters are a great opportunity to cover qualifications we can’t fully Errata may only be submitted by the authors of the original paper, and should be used to correct errors which may letter to significant misunderstandings or incorrect conclusions.


Colour excess is set as E B — V i. It is not mandatory to use a language editing service.

cover letter mnras

MNRAS does not publish review articles, and long lists of cited papers, which may be appropriate to a review paper, should generally not be used; if they are, the author should be able to justify such use to the Editor.

Guidelines for the use of figures were given in section 2. The RAS Press Officer will be happy to assist with publicity and press releases in cases where submissions are likely to be of more general interest e.

Astrophysics and Space Science ApJ: Long lists of citations of previous publications, notably in the Introduction, should be avoided, unless the articles cited are directly relevant to the subject of the submission and potentially valuable to the reader, when seeking to understand its contents.

Files mhras be kept as small as possible at this stage — files larger lettr 10 MB are not supported and should not be uploaded without prior approval. Authors should also upload a clean file remove bold font or track changes for the publisher, since uncorrected versions of accepted manuscripts are now published online ahead of the proof corrected versions see below.