Demonstrate and apply cross-functional knowledge. As noted already by Niall Twomey in his recent post, this is the semester that reflects your personal choices. Only some background information has been documented in the final report. It was a once in a lifetime experience and really helped to recharge the batteries. Expanding the boundaries of my comfort zone, my leadership potential benefited hugely also.

My project is focused on process mining event log data in healthcare. After graduating, he joined PricewaterhouseCoopers PwC as a management consultant. Students will have the opportunity to apply and practice their skills while working on a specific, real world project. So the attention of the company is on us as our achievement is also their achievement. The provisional results of the semester exams should be released next week so hopefully everyone has cleared the bar. I think the MBA really helps you to think about business at a higher level, to think more strategically and have more of a commercial focus. He came into the programme without definite plans around his future direction.

What a difference a year can make.

capstone project ucd

This now acts as a great motivator for me looking to the future. Demonstrate social, ethical and cultural awareness.

capstone project ucd

There was only one bathroom with the smallest sink possible, so we often ended up brushing our teeth in the kitchen. Am I eligible to take this module?

I have made the selection to work on a project for a multinational looking for a feasibility analysis of a new line of business and a related roll out plan. Byrne asked two of his fellow MBA classmates to come on board and, as part of the entrepreneurship module, the three developed a business plan which ended up winning the UCD business plan competition for The Bachelor of Commerce degree gave me insight into a whole range of business disciplines and analytics is the one that piqued my interest the most.


Financing Secondly, it is no secret that a masters programme is a significant financial commitment. The MBA has certainly not been easy but it has been hugely worthwhile. Notwithstanding the workload ahead of us in Semester 4, teams are also beginning to consider the Capstone project that will ultimately bring a close to this 2 year adventure.

One team member is very quiet and the other has a very good sense of humour. Thank you to everyone who has made this adventure possible for me, in every way.

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Articulate research questions; 2. The more information we were given, the more confused we seem to get at least I thought so. Write a professional project report; This has given insight into more advanced topics this semester, such as data mining, statistical and machine learning, and advanced operations research. As MBA participants we now move from being students, to in essence cheap labour, as we are offered out to companies to perform consulting projects.

Page 1 Page 2 Next page. The real advantage of the masters, however, is the community of people that you are exposed to. Positive Life Impact Firstly, I see the scholarship as a recognition and reward for hard work. Summer Term During the summer term, all that has been learned throughout the year will be put into practical use through the Capstone projects.


My project is focused on process mining event log data in healthcare.

Capstone Project Ucd

I have had a great time working alongside two people with completely different working styles. The team dynamics have been good since each of us have different experiences in different industries. Graduation was a surreal mixture of feelings. Presentation 30 Varies over the Trimester.

As well as this, attending events such as the DatSci Awards and other conferences throughout the year as part of the masters programme gives great networking exposure.

We squeezed so much learning into such a short space of time. Graduates are given a GPA and level result. Learn more about cookies and how to manage them on cookie policy. Design a research project; 5.

Our MBA students work with companies to address prroject or operational business issues that a company wishes to address but currently do not available resources to do so. Simple but powerful, it stuck with me.

capstone project ucd

Group project report 50 Coursework End of Trimester Presentation: Collect and analyse research data; 7. Once I received my undergraduate results I applied for the scholarship, admittedly with low expectations.