The academic community at Bucerius Law School distinguishes itself by its courage to endeavor in new and innovative directions as well as its common goal of striving for unparalleled excellence in legal education. In many universities, phDs might not even be administered by the law school per se but by the central graduate school. This independence has a long history, with the earliest constitutional documents and legal statutes for Hamburg dating from the 13th century. Bevan completed a book on Maritime Law in New Zealand Thomson Reuters, , which is the first dedicated to the subject for his home jurisdiction. By Concentration General LL. Hamburg is proud of its political autonomy as a city state within the Federal Republic of Germany. C1, C2; Date s:

The reform stresses that individual academic success is supported by two main factors: She is a mother for three and prefer to indulge herself in a research programme Not into a study programme Does jsd requires attendance for study classes such as those in LLM? PhD graduates are usually American JD grads and thus have adavantage, and – 3. It also offers you the opportunity to obtain a Specialization in Legal Technology and Operations for your Master’s degree. Bucerius Law School is the first private, non-profit law school in Germany.

Is JSD or Sjd whatever they call it a good option for her?

Therefore, we encourage you to submit your application as early as possible, especially las you are planning to apply for a scholarship or if you need a visa to study in Germany. Chen-Ju Chen Born in Dec. Supervisor and student can opt to conclude a written supervisory agreement which serves to define the rights and duties arising from the doctoral relationship.


Your Path to Studying in Germany

Public transportation is just steps away. Can I write my thesis in English? The legal culture is also central to Hamburg life.

bucerius law school dissertation

There is very little doubt on this point. Dresden University of Technology. Academic Newsletter – Vol.

Doctoral & Post-Doctoral Studies: Bucerius Law School

Benjamin is the Vice-President of the Indo-German Lawyers Association, a frequent speaker at workshops and conferences as well as the author of numerous publications on international economic law. Jan 14, Summer Law Programs She has published widely in English and in Spanish, and is active in many international collaborative research projects.

Students are also given the opportunity to take on-campus German courses tailor-made for the MLB students or other languages classes offered by the Bucerius Law School Language Center.

The specialised course “Film Culture in Germany” can only be chosen in combination with and in addition to the language course “Language and Society in Modern Germany”. The MLB curriculum takes a single theme – the founding and development of a business enterprise – and pursues both the legal and business aspects of that development.

bucerius law school dissertation

When do you take applications for next year? PhD graduates are usually American JD grads and thus have adavantage, and – 3. I am personally working on a thesis which combines law and philosophy. A number of scholarships and tuition waivers are available based on merit and need.


Even though finding an affordable student room or apartment in Hamburg is notoriously difficult, students of the Master of Law and Business need not be worried. This is just a general rule of the thumb and varies from institution to institution. Buceriux language proficiency is not required but strongly recommended. The Center is the institutional backbone of a reform regarding the conditions under which a Doctoral Degree can be obtained and academic excellence is achieved.

bucerius law school dissertation

Today Hamburg is host to legal institutions of national and global significance: Oct 23, Summer Law Programs Feb wchool, Pursuing an LL. Home Schools Europe Germany Bucerius. User Status Program Work Exp.

Doctoral studies successfully completed

Winter and summer semester Duration: Feb 24, ’14 The Program Graduation Day Hence, she is considering to do her PhD in the states. The undercurrent to all this is the Hamburg mentality, understated but alert, meticulously polite but friendly – the product of centuries schooo internationalism. Feb 13, Summer Law Programs: