This sense of talking back, of dialogism, and reciprocity is characteristic of this poetry and distinct from Alicia Ostriker’s categorization in Stealing the Language of [white middle class] women’s poetry as concerned with “autonomous self definition” That is the general stereotype, in my eyes of a sweatshop. In terms of the class conscious poetry that has evolved out of the fire, the theme of entrapment is more than a literary trope; it takes on a heightened, historical meaning. The workers were locked in to control theft and had only one exit on each floor when the fire started. The tragedy of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of was the worst workplace tragedy to occur. It was not a bale of goods; it was a young woman. Stein begins his book with an observation of the season:

However, it was the events leading up to the fire and the aftermath of the event that makes this event so influential and important. The Red Cross raised substantial emergency funds for immediate distribution on the Monday after the fire. Rosenfeld concludes his poem with a threatening reminder –“There will come a time”–when the guilty will face the oblivion of death. Henry contrasts the simple morality of right and wrong of ordinary people as situated within a hidden, powerful new “lawless” business and industrial world “so complex and so complicated As I read and reread these fire poems, I hear an urgency in the writing, a clarity about the difference between “texts” and human lives and a desire for language honed so well that it might snap these bodies back to life.

The Triangle blazed forth in shinning letters above the three-sided trademark of the waist company.

The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Of 1911 An Outline Of The Tragedy W/ Work Cited

When I read this version, it seemed right. One caught the wind and opened.

triangle shirtwaist fire of 1911 essay

The “searing” pun is earned; the event is burnished into the consciousness of the poet whose task is to see rightly, to use her poet’s eye as window into the Triangle. One of the jurors who acquitted Harris and Blanck was a shirt manufacturer, another was an od, both felt there was no one responsible for the fire, one claiming that “the girls who worked there were not as intelligent as those in other walks of life and were therefore the more susceptible to panic” qtd.


Allen in The Call which might be subtitled “tenderness for the dead, brutality for the living. Stanford UP,p. The Triangle fire was not the first nor the last industrial fire.

An Essay about Triangle Fire Poetry–by Janet Zandy

In this writing, the dead make claims on the living, but also the living make claims on the dead. Harvard University Press, No wonder I respond to that fire. The Road to Appomattox In the language of strikes and unions, these poets “hold the [picket] line. They can be “obeyed” the day the inspector visits, and ignored the rest of the time. To plunge into the details of the fire is to plunge into hell.

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This is the great divide by which God split the world: I want to suggest that knowledge about the Triangle fire is crucial to a full citizenship in a democratic state and in an intellectual community unbiased by class differences. On October 15, the factory has a mandatory fire inspection and they pass.

Great Athletes Available to Berkshire Athenaeum cardholders only. Topped at the neck by a mannish collar, they blossomed like peonies tapered to fitted waist stems by tailored darts and pleats.

Triangle shirtwaist fire of 1911 essay

Many people associate that word with female immigrant workers, who receive very minimal pay. In Bangkok, Thailand, in Mayan estimated workers died in a doll factory.

The sewing at Triangle was not privatized; rather it is apt example of a shift in the conditions of women’s concrete labor practices to an abstracted labor system of exploitation of the many for the profit of the few.

The trade union audience taught me what the ending was–not in a catalogue of suffering but in the victory of the safety legislation. Its Executive Committee distributed weekly pensions, supervised and cared for the young workers and children placed in institutions of various kinds, and secured work and proper living arrangements for the workers after they recuperated from their injuries.


Invariably, almost no one raises a hand.

The battle lines were clearly drawn. My parents were blue-collars workers; my father worked in a chemical plant prior to the safety regulations of OSHA.

triangle shirtwaist fire of 1911 essay

That is the larger question behind this examination of the “fire poems. Steuer tried to discredit testimony by survivors by suggesting to the jury that it was coached and contrived. In November81 Chinese workers, mostly women od were making Christmas toys for Western markets, died in a Hong Kong-owned factory.

These writers compose out of familiar working-class values of thrift and repair, of salvaging and restoring, and of abhorring waste–especially here, the deprivation and waste of all those young lives. The clarity of opposing intereststhe greed of the owners and the victimization of the workersthe swiftness of the deathsyoung women having to choose between succumbing to the flames or plunging from ninth floor windowsthe series of ironic details and the great weight of the tragedy on hundreds of immigrant families attest to what is the underside of the Triajgle economic success story, that is, the expendability of workers.

Immigrants were flooding shiirtwaist and needed to find work fast, even if that meant in the hot, overcrowded conditions of esssy factories. Hugh search lights cast their white rays into every nook and corner of the desolated building.