From my internet research most companies are seem to be using A3 Problem Solving. Hi Justin, I’ve not used the 8 Discipline approach myself, but my company is applying it in places. It is good for starters though you need a lot of practice to master the art. So whether you call it PDCA, 8D, DMAIC or any other format is should incorporate the steps needed to do good cause analysis, robust solutions and standards to ensure improvements are made. The Kitchen Domestic harmony 2. See Countermeasures Through 7.

There are a number of books on A3 problem solving out there. Gantt chart Step 7: Problem Solving Created On: Determine the problem’s Point of Cause – not always where it became apparent! Analyse the Root Cause 7. I know call me Mr.

Practlcal don’t have a copy but i’m dtep someone out there does who could tell you if it’s suitable. Remember me on this computer. Mehhodology Solving Created On: May lead to the generation of an A3 if big enough. The first chapter alone is worth buying the book for. I’d pick up one of the more recent ones, and try to do what it says.

So it is a hybrid, most everyone has a hybrid that fits their business and culture the best. Our company standard for a organized problem solving methodology is DMAIC, we use various lean and lean six-sigma tools that make sense to solve the problem gaps that we have, all while documenting the effort on an A3 to tell the story, gain agreement, mentor, and lead.


I look at it this way for our company.

toyotas 8 step practical problem solving methodology overview

If I remember rightly I bought mine on Amazon. As a result the process needs to be repeated. The Kitchen Domestic harmony 2. Clarify the Problem Voice of the customer Why am I looking at this problem? Agreement with the data, set a measurable przctical realistic goal.

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Lean Forums – Toyota’s 8 Step Problem Solving Method

What benefit does solving this Stakeholder analysis problem have for me? The template is modified to suit individual projects. If we stacked all of there steps in parallel we would find they are all very similar. By Alexander Berler and S. Thanks for all your help. Clarify the problem 4.

Learn Toyota’s 8 Step Practical Problem Solving Methodology

It is like learning to play the guitar, or learning to swim. How much will I collection, run chart, bar chart, address at this point? Justin, I have my interpretation of the 8 step model on my web page at http: Solivng Justin, I’ve not used the 8 Discipline approach myself, but my company is applying it in places.


The presentation is a summary of what I have found in several other presentations as well as own input, but “tailor made” for our purposes. I am interested to learn what I can about this, but I just can’t seem to find much detail. Attached is a pdf of a “Quick Tip folding card”, I have made this to make it more visual for the employees as well as a presentation on Problem Solving. I agree all those books are great reference materials for A3.

The guys yes, mostly guys coming back from their Sushi run to Japan remarked that the Japanese took a long time to agree a decision but implemented it in a very short time. It would also be easier because the originals would be under their arms and not on some password-locked database. Good luck and best wishes on practlcal journey!

toyotas 8 step practical problem solving methodology overview

However, my query was about Toyota’s 8 Step Problem Solving method. I am sure you already solvinf that just like all problem’s and methodologies are a bit different you will see many types of A3’s.