Women thought that they had to dress inappropriately to impress men and get men to notice them and like them. For instance, when her father is released from the hospital, Baby was under the impression that her father will come for her immediately; however, she is disappointed when he fails to come for her. Alphonse was able to make Baby fall in love with him, and then he forced her into prostitution so he could make money. The characters in the novel teach us the importance of self-respect and that to transcend the limitation society places on us, we must live according to our values and our conscience. I can only wonder and ask the question, why; why does Baby accept this lifestyle? Where were the social workers and where was any support to help out? These characters and symbols can be classified into distinct archetypes that apply to the meaning of the story of the novel.

This also shows that Alphonse only views Baby as worth in terms of money for the benefit of himself and his drug habits. With my concept map, the obvious theme I will focus on is… surprise! Baby clearly identifies in the novel that Jules did not have the skills as a mother, and the negative influences in her home and out in society impacted the way she remembers her childhood experiences. Not having a mother to guide her, encourage and mold her to become a healthy young adult is evident throughout the book as the important life lessons from a mother was never instilled. Baby knows all about drugs and especially heroin because her 26 year old father is a heroin addict and is not a stable father. Although this occurrence happened in the first third of my novel, the events after the destruction of this doll really took a toll on Baby.

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Which Theory Provided the Most Insight. After finishing this novel, I am left feeling concerned and with questions to the protagonist, Baby.

And some final thoughts… So far, this novel is really becoming a good read. At one point in time, Baby becomes uninterested in Alphonse so he writes statment a threatening letter, which scared Baby and causes her to apologize and fall in love with him again.


At sfatement young age she already feels the pain and pleasure that comes along with drugs. July 21, July 21, 1 Comment.

thesis statement for lullabies for little criminals

This description of Alphonse describes him as a charmer who tricks women by his looks. With a blog post, I will be able to express my ideas more freely, but I will also be able to make more text-to-world connections and provide commentary to my audience.

stztement Baby is an example of a sex object in the novel, which is shown when she gets paid to have sex with men. Maslow writes; [We] have what we may call the desire for reputation or prestige defining it as respect or esteem from other peoplerecognition, attention, importance or appreciation.

thesis statement for lullabies for little criminals

If you were curious about any sources I have used throughout my post, please feel free to click the links below. Those legs lullbies one in a million. For instance, she began to use drugs and ended up in a detention facility as a result of her actions.

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Unfortunately, Baby has become one of the victims of such injustice, which is something that should have never happened, if only her childhood was more stable and delivered what was morally right and good. In my opinion, men play an irresponsible and despicable role in the novel by the way they disrespect women and take advantage of their bodies.

Constantly thinking about they way you look can negatively impact your emotional and mental health, which seems to be a theme both in Lullabies for Little Criminals and modern-day society.

Home Papers Lullabies for Little Criminals. I was able to show the importance of different topics expressed in the novel, and I was able to show my ideas about the themes easier by using a concept map.

This is a struggle with femininity for many girls in society because rather than being viewed lulabies the girls that they are, they must now alter their characteristics in order to fit in and be accepted. In turn, Baby naively begins to glorify heroin statememt she associates it with happy times in her life. It is clear that Xavier is Baby’s source for.

Retrieved 06,from https: At the age of twelve, Baby had already become a thessi addict because she was easily talked in to doing drugs.


thesis statement for lullabies for little criminals

For example, Baby once said: Lullabies for Little Criminals was an excellent novel to apply the feminist literary theory statemen, and more insight on this theory can be seen with my previous blog post titled: When looking at a portfolio, there are three main types: Eventually, after meeting Alphonse and not realizing his intentions, Baby would be influenced by this lifestyle and have sex with older men in order to provide Alphonse with the money she made.

I and many people are also able to relate to Baby and her relationship with her father because we all get along with our parents, but we have problems sometimes xriminals are able to pull through as shown in the novel. Baby’s gift is a genius for spinning stories and for cherishing the small crumbs of happiness thfsis fall into her lap.

His clothes always fit him beautifully.

Lullabies for Little Criminals

I think it might be something else…. She begins to do drugs, disobey her father, and when she meets a local pimp named Alphonse she claims that she wants to be taken advantage of by him As many know, when Katniss was off to fight in the Hunger Games, her sister returned this pin to Katniss, so that she could be protected at all times.

By O’Neill using the evolution of Baby’s character from a carefree, innocent criminalx, to a fragile, vulnerable teenager, it is clear that her view on sstatement is that one doesn’t realize how precious this time can be until it has been taken away.

I find that this is a struggle with femininity because if girls do not have a key role model in their life — especially a mother — that can teach them valuable lessons and necessary skills to survive in society, it lullanies more difficult for them to adapt to their femininity.

The impression that I have on the author of the book, is that the author must have been exposed to many teenage pregnancies and staatement druggies.