Some PhDs such as accounting are in extremely high demand these days in the academy. Flipside is at uni, I found most students more interested in beer and parties and not much support outside of tutor groups. AnimalMuppet on Apr 1, To slightly re-frame what you said: Email required Address never made public. Academics have the gaul to set up an extortionist racket, and then find someone else to pay the costs of running it! AnimalMuppet on Apr 1,

IRC has loads of great channels to share information. Tell me about your journey from academic job seeker to author of Schadenfreude, A Love Story , your much-anticipated memoir. VLM on Apr 1, Professors think there are jobs for PhDs outside the academy, but in general have to way to prepare grad students for them. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You can take the person out of academia but… So typical! The lie many faculty tell themselves is that such students are apprentices to the profession.

Once the middle classes figured out they could hang with the upper classes just by paying cheap tuition, it sent all aspirational and up and coming middles to uni, to hang out with the uppers, who were promptly overrun outside the ivies. I went into software engineering.

Schadenfreude: An Interview with Rebecca Schuman

Hacker News new past comments ask show jobs submit. Skip to primary content. I fail to see the value a university is providing here. Donald Fucking Trump is ruining the world at precipitous speed, but one thing we can use to fight him is our freedom of artistic expression.

You can take the person out of academia but… So typical! What if you are writing your dissertation knowing that there is a good chance that the most people will care about it is a few months before your defense, and that because it is thesiis of their academic duty? If a literature PhD isn’t going to land you a six-figure job then maybe it should re-calibrate its tuition and time expectations to be something that a professionally active adult can pursue simultaneous to their career.


Schadenfreude: An Interview with Rebecca Schuman | The Professor Is In

You may also be tempted to resent the generation of full professors teetering ever precariously toward retirement, and thus cleaving ever more resolutely to their positions. I hatemrnt a doctorate in a technical field, and work as a software developer. I mean, at some point, one I think we have crossed, there is a moral issue with this. The article is about literature PhDs. I didn’t have a CS degree and I went to no-name schools and had no contacts in SV, so I spent a lot of time cold applying until someone took a chance on me.

And the doctoral student studying obscure works does something very similar.

Why I Am a Doctoral Student: A Response to the Slate’s Thesis Hatement and Thesis Defense

And the other more pessimistic article begins to look like the only option — the only option, that is, if one factors out love. My PhD is in probability. To slightly re-frame what you said: But it does give me a reason to keep going whether or not I see effects or implications.

But I believe writing of this kind is still essential. They still wanted to buy it—it just fell through at acquisitions for budget reasons. The MLA recently had a big symposium about this, which concluded that there was basically nothing wrong, they should continue to train professors slte benefit from their underpaid teachingand make more of a show to go on about jobs outside traditional academia in museums?

thesis hatement slate

And, even if I did, I wouldn’t get to choose where I lived, because I’d have to go where the job was. Once I eventually managed to eke out the Schadenfreude proposal in my ever-decreasing spare time, several houses were interested in earnest, almost immediately.


I find the so it seems to me, anyway diversity on HN to be a huge part of the appeal in reading comments. Faculty at such highly-ranked research institutions use graduate students because such high-achieving graduate students 1. After coming back and visiting, I found the vast majority of professors shallow and self centered, coddled by positions that afforded them little to no emotional growth or challenge that is demanded of the rest of humanity.

I have limited child care, and I have to be laser-focused during the few hours a week I do get to work. In literature you of course do have to read in order to do your research.

In fact, even Ayn Rand compromised in the publication of Atlas Shrugged. Composition which we would rather not teach. Because Pannapacker is a tenured professor. The thesis-centered thinking, concise communication, and artistic drive in my work has always set me apart, and I owe that to my training. They are in many ways self-focused, cost-benefit analyses, one concluding that the price is too steep, and the other concluding that, all things considered, the price is as reasonable as many other life choices.

thesis hatement slate

If it takes a long time, one of those values hstement low, possibly both. Besides writing and marketing this book, what are you doing with yourself?

thesis hatement slate