The system likewise permits instant, sophisticated analysis of patient data to identify relationships among the data considered. This “postmortem” analysis helps students see what they should restudy, says Zimmerman. Manila Delos Santos, M. Highly Acceptable if the range was from 4. Literally, pedagogy is the art and science of teaching children, whereas andragogy is the art and science of teaching adults. Morbidity Report Page Figure 14 shows the morbidity report. Typically, the connected devices share the resources of a single processor or server.

It will serve as a reference to their future studies and research. Systems theory developed especially from biology, in which it is difficult to understand the functions of, for example, the sexual reproduction of flowers separate from the functions of the insects. The student verified the staff nurse if the school physician was informed about the referral schedule and if the school physician is available for the time schedule of referral given by the staff nurse. Jean Piaget 9 August — 16 September was a Swiss philosopher and scientist, well known for his work studying children, his theory of cognitive development and for his epistemological view called “genetic epistemology. Your cooperation by completing this form will make an important contribution in gathering a reliable and accurate data needed in the evaluation of the developed system. The problems encountered by the clinic staffs and students in the present medical services offered by the clinic of Our Lady of Fatima University The clinic staffs and the students encountered different problems based on their actual experiences inside the clinic. The process used in developing the software was waterfall model in which progress is seen as flowing steadily downwards through the phases of the following:

Also, the realization that social interaction is a vital part of learning has put less emphasis on students’ personal discovery of scientific concepts and more emphasis on collaboration and interaction among learners of science.

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The problems on the part of the clinic staffs in giving the medical services to the students were as follows: The body of the lecture must, of course, be well organized.

Once the system will be established and each module is working properly, the system should be tested examp,e.


It is still an emerging curriculum that can benefit from the experiences and balanced views of teacher training institution specialists. In line with this, the proponent used this type of networking for the proposed system of Our Thesls of Fatima University. The proponent used a statistical method which is by getting the mean of the results came from the respondents End users and IT experts.

The reality is that when scientists and philosophers first tried to explain how things worked in the universe, there were no separate disciplines. The end users evaluated the system as very acceptable in terms of Adaptability 3. The proponent used data gathering from a variety of sources to get sxample complete and accurate information of an area of interest. Throughout the coding, the proponent implemented the code of design in the best possible way.

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Instrumentation and Try-out Phase To gather the data needed for the research, researchers used the following instruments: They are not required to do anything, which they may prefer. Janssen defined a database management system DBMS is a software package designed to define, manipulate, retrieve and manage data in a database. Techniques The manner and ability eample the researcher oluf employ the technical skills in designing the system using Perl Hypertext Preprocessor PHP programming language and using a Cascading Style Sheets.

Eiseman and Fossum point out that this would require that practical data systems already exist in a meaningful way and that they are easily accessible to the relevant users.

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The proponent also used some of the data gathering instruments that were necessary. The common adherence to the fundamental objectives that promote academic, moral and personal developments is imperative for the proper function and service of Fatima Medical Science Foundation and Our Lady of Fatima University, your Alma Mater.

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Filipino I hereby certify that the above information are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Sampling Technique The researchers employed purposive sampling. TypesCreative Writing Downloads: As with a good drama, effective lectures “hook” their listeners’ attention from the start. The whole idea of the software is often to process complex combinations and operations with clinical information, and thus refine this information into a valuable aid for diagnosis and treatments of patients.


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Today’s lecture is about the cost of living indices, a topic in macroeconomics that should help you understand the recent discussions in Congress related to inflation. The General Specifications was dependent on the server specifications being used by the host server. There are four main types of database organization: It also aimed to improve the quality of services of the Health and Wellness Department, such as student medical records, referral schedule of the students, medication and morbidity reports via LAN, medical certifications, proper endorsement in case of emergency, and monitoring of students from time to time.

In this stage, the proponent used a waterfall model where the requirements, design, coding and testing phases were performed in linear progression. Most local area networks are built with relatively inexpensive hardware such as Ethernet cables, network adapters, and hubs.

Good introductions also may help students to discriminate between more and less important features of lectures, may help them create realistic expectations about what they are supposed to learn from the lecture, and enable them to allocate their information-processing capability much more effectively. Today we’ll view all these methods from a perspective of validity.

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Software testing provided the objective, independent view of the software, to appreciate and understand the risks of software implementation. Student medical Information System. The proponent interviewed the staff nurse base on the actual manual transaction inside the clinic in order to gain information needed for requirement analysis. Phil Martin, coordinator of Ohio State’s public speaking team, has suggested that a good way to approach the preparation of a lecture is to follow this progression of steps, answering a variety of questions along the way: