Mid-Term Test 50 b. Remember me on this computer. Organisational Chart – When was this company established? It enables students to develop and be able to justify their own views on significant ideas and concepts in the field of economics. ICT Showcase official launch. Mid-Term Test 50 b.

These application forms are available in the FAFB office. Each question carries 25 marks. Please indicate on the cover page: The loans are meant to assist students who face financial difficulties in completing their studies in the University College. Students who are still in the arrears of tuition fees are deemed to have left the University College and their names will be deleted from the register.

Students who are not a member of any team shall be assigned tarf a team by the tutor. Apply the essential knowledge of the finance and investment concepts to achieve effective decision making. Help Center Find new research papers in: Candidates shall be evaluated through the following components: References, appendices and layouts.


Plagiarism can take the form of reproduction without acknowledgement from published or unpublished works of others including materials downloaded from computer files and the Internet. Demonstrate good managerial and cousework skills to manage a wide range of business organisations. Bring the form to ICT official launch.

A non-refundable processing fee per course shall be chargeable. Demonstrate relevant finance and investment coutsework and principles for contemporary issues on the present and future strategic decisions of financial institutions and intermediaries.


Graduates can seek gainful employment in financial institutions, treasury foursework finance department of multinational companies, insurance companies, unit trust companies, securities companies, etc.

Acknowledgement to the source must be made if students had relied on any sources for information with appropriate reference being made in their work. Skip to main content.

The loans are meant to assist students who face financial difficulties in completing their studies in the University College. The survey may be carried out electronically via e-learning system or manually during lectures.

Achieved a minimum CGPA of 2. You can get the hints jark the board in our booth. We confirm that the submitted work are our own work and are in our own words.

TARC – ICT Showcase

Demonstrate good analytical and cousework thinking skills in evaluating and solving issues in the financial services industry. Mid-Term Test 50 b. ICT Showcase Pre-launch.

Punishment may include failing the student for the assignment or project, re-submission of another piece of work or downgrading of the work to the maximum of a pass grade even if actual grade achieved was higher.

tarc coursework mark

Students ocursework fulfill all requirements specified, for the award of the Bachelor degree: Collusion can take the form of two or more students producing a piece of coirsework together but with one intentionally passing it off as his work with the knowledge of the others. Leave of absence will be granted because of illnesses and on compassionate grounds.


For University College email, a letter will be given to all students respectively regarding the log in ID and password.

tarc coursework mark

These application forms are available in the FAFB office. The decision by the Senate shall be final. Each question carries 25 marks.

Students must regularly check the notice board to make sure that they do not miss any important announcements and information. Demonstrate leadership skill when working with team members on group activities. Click here to sign up. The Grade Point Average GPA for an examination sitting is determined by dividing the total Quality Points by the total Credits of all the courses excluding courses which have no contribution to the GPA attempted in the same sitting. There shall be threshold requirements for all coursework and final examination as the Senate shall decide.

Quality Point of a course is defined as the Grade Point score multiplied by the Credits of the course. Evaluate and apply sound judgment and professional ethics to recommend solutions with regards to operation and strategic issues faced by the industry. The company must have at least an online website.