In each subject, there are several A. The building is also very safe. In general Millennium is not an easy school, you are constantly challenged and their are high exceptions set for each student. Everyone was really respectful and friendly and promoted positive peer pressure, i. Lab also has special days where we appreciate other cultures, celebrate each other, and create awareness on important topics. Everyone in the school knew each other, all the teachers and staff knew me by name! The teachers and administrators were extremely intelligent and engaged individuals.

I think with more government funding towards the school, they can invest in more support for things outside of solely academics and will overall, improve the community of the school. Thanks to this school being an early college school, I am pursuing my education at Hunter College. At Millennium Brooklyn, I’ve gotten the chance to do research, intern, take AP classes, and do large presentations. They make me a better person everyday. We were very careful in our search for an excellent school, particularly because our son had to commute a long way to come to HSAS, but we are very happy that he’s had the high school experience that he has had here. Grading Policy A department’s grading policy is the way in which the members of that department have chosen to weigh the different types of works that students do in their classrooms.

He may learn differently, but at Eagle Hill, he has acquired strategies to be successful in that way that he learns. My son is finishing his senior year at HSAS, and we could not be happier with the education he has received.

Most of the teachers are great at teaching, creating hands on activities and group activities that would most likely benefit us later on.

schuylerville middle school homework

Baruch is a small close with a close welcoming knit community. The school offered a diverse variety of classes including Latin, Greek, and theater which are courses not common in other high schools. This elective course will strengthen and advance your understanding of variables, algebraic expressions, achool, functions, inequalities, and their multiple representations.


Geometry Welcome to the world of Geometry!

schuylerville middle school homework

Drohobycky is a member of both the varsity volleyball team and the varsity cheerleading team for the fall athletic season. The school has a rigorous challenging curriculum which is something you should want, you definitely learn how middlf manage your time and balance multiple assignments at once.

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It’s been a few years that I’ve graduated from Townsend and I have to say, it prepared me so well for college. The professors there are so dedicated and you can tell they really love what they do and they bring that passion to the classroom every day.

Some are usually hard to find never in their officesor simply don’t know the information we need. Despite its vast investment in education, the school lacks funding therefore it cannot afford a large range scool programs or clubs.

The low number of students in the school made it possible for class sizes to be small and intimate, relationships with teachers and among students were genuine. Add to List View Nearby Homes. Millennium prepared me for college so well!

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There will me many sleepless nights if you procrastinate. Our strongest departments are English and Science. Students also get to choose their schedules rather than having uninteresting classes forced upon them.

Recently, we had our first Environmental Film Festival. After spending almost 4 years as a student in this school, I believe it was the best choice Midsle ever made.

The schools has some really amazing teachers that have a reputation amongst the students for being great teachers in their subjects. Many kids form groups of friends with eachother and mostly everyone is chill and no major fighting occurs. Additionally, projects were also stacked on top of each other and due on the same day– talk about missing sleep!


And there is also a college office. Also, the small class sizes are critical for our son’s learning style.

schuylerville middle school homework

Teachers and students are also all very friendly; most of us admit that academic competition is too great for anyone to bother with bullying. This school has incredible teachers and staff who schiylerville to bring a positive environment for all students!

The clubs and activities within the school are highly limited and thus fail to cater to every student.

Schuylerville Preparatory High School

A few examples, Key club, tech crew, debate, and student government. Students faced a very difficult time trying to instill new sports teams for the school, and most attempts were unsuccessful. Some practices were definitely not normal and sometimes seemed unnecessary and counterintuitive such as late passes for period classes. A major emphasis will be placed on developing your ability to explore and solve real-world application problems, appropriately use technology, and communicate mathematical ideas clearly.

By that, I mean that when a problem is presented they should take action instead of just pointing out that we have a problem and that when the solution is in place it should be known to the students and parents. Moreover, there are several clubs and sports for students to be involved in.

The school shares a building with the college and we are very small. I had many choices in terms of AP classes, clubs and activities.