Multiply each score by its weight and weighted score is obtained. International Journal of Agricultural Management and Development , ; 8 2: Multiply each rank by its weight weighted score of each factor is considered in this stage. Discuss this article or this topic in our discussion f orum:. To extract the required data to formulate the environmental plans, the company measured and analyzed environment performance indices. Therefore in order to prevent the company from facing such critical situation, key opportunities should be considered and appropriate strategies and solutions acquired. Some human resources that leave the company and cooperating with competitors.

The table below this matrix we evaluate environmental factors such as shows the EFE matrix of Baridsoft company. We included only two alternatives in our example just to keep it simple. Political, economic, technological and social factors total industry. A blue ocean strategy for palliative care: SWOT is an acronym of internal strengths and weaknesses of business and environment opportunities and threats Parhizgar et al.

Testing the validity of blue ocean strategy versus competitive strategy: International Journal of Agricultural Management and Development8, 2, A powerful network of customers and good reputation of Baridsoft’s brand among 0.

Strategy formulation for performance improvement of stjdy corrugated industry: Having the factors ready, identify strategy alternatives that will be further evaluated.

Harvard Business Review, 82 10 In a situation like this, automation system is the most famous product qqspm this survival, protection and promotion of companies position company. Journal of industrial management of Humanistic sciences of Islamic Azad University.

Now, this unit with the production of ton final products is one of the greatest domestic manufactures and one of successful exporters of these products in foreign markets.


Formulating strategy by SWOT and QSPM matrix (case study

Multiply each score by its weight and weighted stuudy is obtained. The increase of speed of these changes is due to the change in technologies, free activities of world markets, increase of innovations, reduction of life cycle of products and erosion of the temporal and spatial distances in technology and information.

A research project in Stanford University inby the data of fortune organizations guided it Khorshid and Ranjbar, Using SWOT matrix, the suitable strategies were formulated for the company.

The maintenance management of Pars Jonubi gas complex. At first, the important factors of success in this industry are listed and a weight ranging 0,1 is given to them. After implementing blue ocean strategy, the production will increase in comparison with other rival agricultural companies.

Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM)

Most companies in the studdy are bureaucratic. Engineering and Technology Journal33 One of the main inputs of strategic planning process in Golsar Fars Co.

This is given by the Sum Total Attractiveness Score figure. Materials and Research Methods continuously be analyzed meticulously and studied wisely to This research in terms of objective is practical sttudy in terms of help the organization managers reach an exact understanding methods is descriptive and analytical.

Formulating strategy by SWOT and QSPM matrix (case study

Identify 10 to 20 external factors opportunity and threat. Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. The highest number is 4, lowest 1 and stuudy mean is 2. The highest weighted score for each organization is 4, lowest 1 and the mean is 2. Case study of a Persian food industry.

qspm case study

Joining of Iran to WTO and observing copyright rules. If the answer to the above question is nothen the respective key factor has no effect on our decision. Comprehensive model of strategic management Internal evaluation Organizationa l horizon and mission Long-term goals Analysis and selection of strategies Strategy implement ation managem ent issues Strategy impleme ntation Evaluation of performance quality External evaluation Figure 1- Comprehensive framework of strategy formulating Arabi, 6- Mission The production and supply of excellent sanitary ware in Iran and Middle East markets for the consumers of sanitary and ceramic ware consumers, to provide the stable profit for the stockholders via making customers happy, using knowledge-based structure sutdy committed employees and useful interaction with business partners and social responsibility.


Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM)

International Journal of Scientific Management and Development Reputation of Baridsoft as a specialized company in administration automation 0. Does this factor make a difference in our decision about which strategy to pursue?

You can post one yourself too. If they like one strategy over another one, they move it up on the list.

qspm case study

Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. Now let us take a look at detailed steps needed to construct a QSPM. Then, the collected information was classified and a list of the most important weaknesses and strengths, threats and opportunities was provided and for re-evaluation was presented to the founders of company and then the mean of their comments was used for data analysis.