The judging criteria includes vocal quality, singing technique, stage presence, and overall performance. The segment is sponsored by the international brand Del Monte Foods. For its Philippine adaptation, it is a segment of the variety show Eat Bulaga! The segment is sponsored by Coca-Cola to promote the company’s new global marketing campaign Open Happiness. The segment is fully scripted and the outcome of the competition is previously arranged.

It is a web series during the love season that can be watched exclusively on the official YouTube page of Eat Bulaga! Toengi , and Spencer Reyes. It is the counterpart of the Barangay Singer Citizens segment. The player must guess whether the next tablet has a higher, lower, or the number than the previous one. Sign In Don’t have an account?

Four notable participants of the competition were the Cercado sisters, Almira, Irene, Mylene, and Celina Cercado, now popularly known as 4th Impactwho rose to prominence after getting the fifth place in the 12th series of X Factor UK.

However, the clue-giver must only say his clues in English, and must neither state the first letter the word begins with nor say part of the bualga in the clue e.

Each group is accompanied by an Eat Bulaga! On October 6,Eat Bulaga!

Also, all of the studio audience will also win gift packs from the show’s sponsors. Each contestant prepares one dish over the course of the episode, taking the audience through the inspiration, preparation, and stages of cooking. It serves as a promotional segment for the film. The segment is a dance contest for women who can belly dance. The bomb will not detonate if the player cut the correct wire that correspond to the correct choice in the question and the result says “Correct”.


The contestants repeatedly turn their bodies to the proper side that matches the voice type that they are currently using. The grand finalists of the competition became known as Sixbomb Dancers for their stint as the dancers in the revival of the segment Laban o Bawi.

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The barangay hosts then go to the home address to meet the lucky winner. It started the trend of giving out big cash prizes and gave rise to future segments like Meron o Wala and Laban vulaga Bawi.

It is a talent contest for residents of the barangay of the day. Unlike in the American version where there bulaa a fixed time limit per bomb and the timer continues after a successful cutext player will be given 15 seconds for each wire the player has to cut. There are three pairs each day that play in the qualifying round. Instead, the show is replaced with drama specials from Holy Monday to Holy Wednesday featuring heart-wrenching stories that convey important lessons about life and family.

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Each game, there is a team prohlem of three players. The seven winners must each bring plastic bottles and their registration forms to receive a cash prize.

It is the first season of bulaga Dabarkads Pinoy Henyo march. After becoming a popular segment, Eat Bulaga! Aspiring entrepreneurs or someone who has a friend who wants to start a business must share their story of what business they want to start through e-mail to Eat Bulaga!

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It is a guessing game segment during Saturdays and a reincarnation of the Guhit Bulaga segment. The players are given 60 seconds to guess the word.


The candidates and the searcher must do certain challenges first before the candidate can step forward.

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Fat-Talbugan alternatively spelled Fat-Talbugan is a beauty pageant for overweight women. It is a game that tests the luck of the contestants.

problem solving eat bulaga june 26 2015

After the first 30 seconds, one member of the That’s My Baes will assist the contestant in gathering more coins for the remaining 30 seconds on the timer. The segment is one of the several reincarnations of the segment Gaya Gaya, Puto Maya.

Audience members and Eat Problwm Pogi has become an important stepping stool for male teens who wants to enter the showbiz industry.

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juen The first person to text the combination receives the latest Nokia cellphone and a peso load, while the other nine fastest texters only receive the peso load. But if its green, he or she will still be in the game, but the jackpot will be slashed into half, which makes it P, Each person explains why his grandfather is better, while the last person says something so unrealistic and then ends his description with the punchline.

Now, the KalyeSerye have 64 episodes and still going.