We get an impression that while it is seductive, it is far more complex and multi-layered. Despite the primitiveness and rawness, the speaker reminisces on his childhood and the security of being with his mother. Looking for more from you… Thanks. This poem is very educative and I erge every one of you who is watching this to take the poem seriously and focus on your studies…Thank you!! Who will rearrange these Things that have Fallen Apart? You are commenting using your WordPress.

Without love we can’t survive. The complexity of the piano suggests a culture and tradition that is difficult to comprehend; and as a result could be harmful. This relates to the idea that the Western society is too complex for the speaker to handle and, thus, with everything that is happening at once, the speaker cannot handle it. Among many contemporary poets, Gabriel Okara makes his stand as one of the most influential Nigerian lyricists. She is bitten by a dog and is thought to be possessed. A corrupt government can ruin a man, sap his will, and drive him mindless with hunger; although times are hard the. The stanza uses alliteration, consonances and similes to give a rhythm that is like that of a drum.

Everyday we experience a loss of one kind or another. Pls I Need Help. Evidently, the use of personification in this poem, stresses the difference between the two cultures as well as the way in which the speaker feels about it.


Both of the artists were influenced by their age. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

Wayo Eunice Akorfa permalink. Do you think this weakens or strengthens the effect of the poem….? It has reconciled all the African Values thereby Eurpoeanising them! Kwabena Oduro Bekoe permalink. Aman S Imani permalink.

piano and drums by gabriel okara essay

The poem is effectively written in Verse Libre or free verse. Is Nuclear War a Possibility.

piano and drums by gabriel okara essay

Literature at its best. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours There is no such definitive thing as a panther, and the cats that generally are described as such live in the Americas NOT Africa.

Culture In Piano And Drums By Gabriel Okara

Get inspired and start your paper now! Okara speaks of the same impressions of essaay controversial novelist Chinua Achebe. The piano which is shown in the next two stanzas contrasts from the drum as it is separate from him, external, such as education and sophistication.

Lastly, arrays of sound techniques are used by Okra to articulate his reply to the piano and drums.

“Piano And Drums” By Gabriel Okara. – Essay – Words – BrightKite

I wonder why a human being would describe this poem as a stinking one. From what I have read, it seems that the commentary I wrote was not far off from drims actual meaning. I really accept and keen into this wonderful analysis.


Importance of understanding employment relations as a manager.

piano and drums by gabriel okara essay

The poem is brilliantly written. We have received your request for getting a sample.

Piano and Drums Poem Analysis Essay

I am doing the poem now in English Seminar in African Literature. In Florence where Lippi lived the. Firstly he seems to link the drums with the time- honored tradition of the African past life.

For me, I find it difficult to properly understand why the poet got confused at the hearing of the piano. The choice of diction used to describe the drums and piano creates a strong emphasis. You can get this essay on your email Topic: This is a tale of a South American President in exile. The piano, while seductive, turns it to be too complicated for itself.

She is sent to a convent where Father Cayetano is her exorcist. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?