Journal Of Geosciences Chokkapu , S S Rheological behaviour of starch maize in presence of surfactant medium. Kumar, Mukesh and Dash, Sambit Relay based traffic contol system using infrared pair detectors. Mazumdar, Aniket Geometric morphometric comparison of cranium of primates along the evolutionary pathway. Sharan , Alok Strength characteristics of fibre reinforced compacted pond ash. Mishra, P Thermo-hydrodynamics of pulsating laminar flow in a microtube:

Bagwan , Manish Prediction of adhesive strength, deposition efficiecny and wear behaviour of plasma spray coating of low grade mineral on mild steel and copper Substrate by soft computing technique. Pavani, M Application of functional networks in geotechnical engineering. Ram , Shankar A study of adaptive beamforming techniques uising smart antenna for mobile communication. Chinthapatla, Nikhil Damping of composite materials with riveted joints. HAL open archive Scholarly documents. Mahapatra, Manoj Adsorptive mode of Phenol abatement from aqueous solution using activated carbons.

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Karthic, K Targeting epigenetic regulator histone deacetylase 6 in the treatment of cancer cancer: NayakPravasish Effect of copper on the initial stage sintering of alumina.

Khatoon, Bushra Numerical Study of Droplets: Behera, Dibyajyoti rojrkela Mohapatra, Abinash Design of a pen which remembers what it writes. Mahto, Bishnu Prasad Characterization of ductile iron through fractographic study. Maheshwari, Baby Comparision of different algorithm for the segmentation of handwritten indian annotations. Verma, Eshan and G, Ashish Vibrational analysis of framed structures. Nayak, Deepak and Mahapatra, Himansu Shekhar and Kumar, Navin An attempt at optimizing the flow characteristics of blast furnace slag by rourkels with synthetic slag prepared in the laboratory using pure oxides.


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Sahoo, S Routing of hazardous material carrying vehicles. S R, Shubham Wastewater minimization using aspen water. Panda, Chittaranjan Aspen plus simulation and experimental studies on biomass gasification.

Appala, Vishnu Murthy In silico screening of potential inhibitors against glutathione S transferase of plasmodium falciparum. Indian Society for Education and Environment 3. BarmaS D Wettability of hair using natural surfactants in presence of silver nanoparticles as additive.

BiswasRitam Removal of methylene blue dye using oil cake karanja. Pradhan, Subhashree Production and characterization of Activated Carbon produced from a orurkela Industrial sludge. Rourkrla, G Some studies on control of a DC-servo motor. Ray, Sachet and Gupta, Aditya Kumar Modeling of calibration circuit for partial discharge measurement. Panigrahi, Bibhu Prasad and Pradhan, Abhijit Modern methods for power system harmonics estimation.

Guru, Nibedita Simulation of point and non-point source pollution in mahanadi river system lying in not, India. Kumar, Manish Localization by decreasing the impact of obstacles in wireless sensor networks. Powrel, D B Optimizing on,ine process for treatment of biodiesel wastewater using response surface method. Gautam, C K Numerical investigation on the performance of inertance tube pulse tube refrigerator by varying compressor amplitude.


Swamy, Mala Narayana A 0. Balaji, Banoth Rotation and scale invariant texture classification using log polar wavelet energy signatures.

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Singh, H K Prediction of shear noline of deep beam using genetic programming. Venna, Venkateswarareddy Delamination effect on response of a composite beam by wavelet spectral finite element method. Bhagat, Pradeep Synthesis and biocompatibility evaluation of gelatin based hydrogels.

online thesis nit rourkela

Dash, Chandan Synthesis of lithium titanate by auto combustion method and study of its densification behavior with different binder concentration. Bapna, Deependra Intrusion detection system for wireless sensor network. Lipsita, S fabrication of electrospun dicalcium phosphate anhydrous and chitosan based scaffolds.

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Sahu, Madhusmita Computation of dynamic slices of aspect oriented programs. Das, Ashrit and Pradhan, Sanjib Kumar Evaluation of explosives using ground vibration criterion. Shambharkar, Rakesh Vibration analysis of thin rotating cylindrical shell. Sahoo, B Catchment response modelling of a typical river basin in odisha using scs-cn method.

online thesis nit rourkela