It was an extremely generative and invigorating conversation overall and an important challenge to how we think about how we conduct our thinking and how we share it. I first read this in high school twice forward and once backward at…. Hold Close Tsunami Essay In the midst of the initial batch of headlines coming out of Japan, I found myself viscerally compelled to respond in some way. Threads — the Key. This second half of the chapter was all about how comics work — and in this metacommentary approach —….

This group of students came from all… Read More. Keeping with that, I brought in Pandora who definitely got a bad rap as patriarchal cultures took hold. Unflattening has made several comics of the year thus far lists! While I’ve yet to see all of it bound in one piece, I was pleased to get my hands on the proof of the cover and test prints for the interior pages! The cycle of the moon also references the symbolism for the Three Fates — waxing, full, and waning, as the DNA becomes a coiled spiral, becomes waves — tides caused by the moon above. Much that emerged in that second piece shapes the… Read More. Tuesday, January 13, In Print:

He mentions the Rabbit page from my Possibilities…. At the conference there was a lot…. I posted the opening to the Chapter here. Rhizomatic, Kaleidoscopic, multiperspectival… After a great trip to Disserttion State for a conference with arts educators sousansi a chance to share my work, snuck back to NYC just before the storm hit.


The Portuguese edition from Brazil might already be out — more news… Read More. Anyhow, this has to do with the boxes we find ourselves in and the boxes we….

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Maxine Says… An essay on legendary education philosopher Maxine Greene. We trimmed text throughout to tighten it up and keep a consistency of… Read More. The Minotaur is seen less sousqnis a monster in its own right but as some primal aspect of ourselves necessary to keep down in order to seek a more rational life. It was in part shaped by a conversation with my dad on how stars form. Leave a Reply Name required Email required Message.

One, I got so excited about, I decided to do… Read More. Lots of news to start the new year! Ch4 Finished Chapter Four is finished!! My dissertation proposal was handed in this week and defense is around the corner.

Nick Sousanis (Columbia University) – Dissertation Form Proposal

At the same time, a small excerpt from dousanis dissertation…. Dissertation Preface to Unflattening My dissertation proposal was handed in this week and defense is around the corner. Given the theme of threads that emerged early in creating this piece, Arachne was one of the few players I had in mind from the beginning. I welcome your feedback.


nick sousanis dissertation

Sousanis believes that comics are powerful teaching tools [3] and has developed courses on comics at Teachers College and Parsons. My copy of Unflattening arrived! I wanted to share a few thoughts on my time with her here.

nick sousanis dissertation

How many PhDs can say that about their dissertations? Archive All posts by date. Anyhow, this has to do with the boxes we find ourselves in and the boxes we… Read More.

Nick Sousanis

Sousanis at the Texas Book Festival. More info below and on my comics classroom… Read More. This group of students came from all….

nick sousanis dissertation

Wanna know more about the study…. Open Culture scours the web for the best educational media.

The first page addresses what to call this thing? The Invisible Art has… Read More. Reception to Unflattening, even…. A Life of Privilege.