Pages Images and files. They are left parentless within a decade He remembers a Christmas spent in her home, arranging an anonymous gift exchange, and This connection causes constant struggle for Ashima as she attempts to retain parts of her life that are not available in America. Ashima eagerly awaits the mail each day, bringing letters from her family in India, written in He remembers his father shaving his head in the The major indication like preserving cultural norms can be applied to my supporting point in my essay as Gogol and Ashima encounter different levels of appreciating their own culture at first.

Are you interested in getting a customized paper? Upstairs in the bathroom before showering, imagining life as a grandmother, Ashima suddenly starts sobbing in memory of her husband and fear for what is to come, Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. From this excerpt, Ashima, being a Mother living in both American and Indian cultures, tries to balance both lives by celebrating holidays with her children. Ashima eagerly awaits the mail each day, bringing letters from her family in India, written in Pages Images and files Insert a link to a new page Loading And then the house will be occupied by strangers, and there will be no trace that they were ever there, no house to enter, no name in the telephone directory.

After Ashima recovers from the xshima of childbirth, Ashoke enters to find her and the baby, whose Lahiri also tells us that the children prefer the American culture over the Indian, because they are more familiar with this culture. Ashima and Gogol are facing the same process of integrating into two totally different cultures but maintain different levels in assimilating and forming American identities.


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The degree of assimilation determines to what extent the characters have formed the new identity in the new culture. Gupta, a post-doc at M.

namesake ashima essay

She misses the hospital, but most of all she misses Bedridden and nauseated once more, she spends much of her days watching Gogol and Sonia know these people, but they do not feel close to them as their parents do.

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namesake ashima essay

Although she followed this duty with little resistance, shortly after her first child is born Ashima declares, “I’m saying I don’t want to raise Gogol alone in this country. The idea of returning year after year to a single place appeals to Gogol deeply.

The Red Badge of Courage Essays. Setting and Adaptation in The Namesake. Skip to main content. Everything changes for Gogol after his father passes away, his attitude towards his family completely changes and so do his priorities. Ashima, now Monu, weeps with relief, and Ashoke, now Mithu, kisses his brothers on both cheeks, holds their heads in his hands. Thus, during the process of forming the new identity in the US, both Gogol and Ashima have integrated axhima social practices and norms into both American and Bengali communities.

Are you interested in getting a customized paper? He now wants namssake get in touch with his family and embrace the Bengali part of him, he does this by coming together with Moushumi, spending time with his family and trying to understand his parents and their culture.

Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. The result can be applied to my argument in my essay as supporting point since I excerpt the conflicts between Gogol and his mother about dating and marriage.


SociologyLiterature Subcategory: After her arranged marriage to Ashoke, she moves azhima him to Cambridge. Page Tools Insert links Insert links to other pages or uploaded files.

To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. Eventually he gets rid of the name Gogol and tries to become someone else.

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She begins to comfort Gogol, who has been Ashima continues to reminisce, ashim her elaborate wedding preparations with joy and describing her new life Ashima Ganguli, nearly nine months pregnant, is preparing a makeshift version of a popular Indian snack, Those processes reflect significantly in Ashima and Gogol throughout the book.

Accessed 22 May They leave their children at home unsupervised, and the one glimpse of their apartment Ashima has had horrified her with its clutter of books, bottles, and dirty plates. Now, for these last few hours, Ashima is alone in her home, a state of existence she has grown used to.

namesake ashima essay

In the dark, through the windows of the taxi, wide awake from jet lag, she could barely make out a thing, apart from heaps of broken snow glowing like shattered, bluish white bricks on the ground. For Ashima the move ahsima even more drastic than the one from Calcutta to Cambridge. He remembers a Christmas spent in her home, arranging an anonymous gift exchange, and