The two litre engines, for example, are absolutely outstanding when compared with other engines of the same capacity offered by the competition. The average lifetime of the leds is much longer than that of the car. Almost everything is powered apart from the front sun visors and the minuscule front ashtray. The outcome was two sophisticated suspension layouts. The Lancia Thesis has taken a decisive leap forward in this field and offers an unparalleled infotelematic array:

I do hate modern interiors, that try to look upmarket with fake aluminum, fake wood, fake carbon…I prefer old Jag interiors. To simplify these operations, the new model comes with lights located in the lower part of the door mirrors. The former is achieved by means of three fans two on the cushion and another on the backrest that generate an air flow towards the occupant. Skyhook represents a true step forward in shock absorber calibration because it means that the designers no longer have to seek a compromise between stability, safety and comfort. To this end, Lancia threw enormous resources at the Thesis such that it had its own unique platform and shared no pressings or interior parts with any other Fiat group product. To activate the functions and select the best one for each seat, simply press the ‘Comfort’ button on the side of the seat.

This extends to all Fiat cars and to all Alfa and Lancia cars as well since last year.

lancia thesis skyhook problem

All these devices are concentrated in CONNECT, the most advanced integrated tool of this type and the one that currently offers the highest number of functions and services.

If a mistake is made, you can always delete, replace or alter one or more or even all the recorded samples. This solution ensures maximum lateral hold, fast approaches to bends and a very effective, precise steering response.

This operation makes the device unusable on another car.

lancia thesis skyhook problem

When the device is turned on for the first time, radio information is displayed on the screen after the Lancia logo. Another sensor located in a central position at the windscreen lancja records solar radiation on the car and the angle at which the rays strike the passenger compartment.


LANCIA THESIS – Advanced technology at the service of in-car well-being

The array of on-board instruments and controls is complemented by a display between the two big round dials. This system makes every manoeuvre comfortable, even parking with minimum load on the steering wheel. Rhesis imposing, distinctive motif is bound to become an obligatory point of reference for future Lancia cars from now on.

The basic structure includes: Due to the improved performance offered by the system brighter light and greater depthbi-Xenon headlamps are combined with an automatic ride corrector that performs two functions. The Lancia Thesis climate control system also differs from conventional systems in offering a ‘diffused air’ function.

Lancia Thesis Skyhook Problem

They then established the best possible speaker position in relation to the listeners with the aid of advanced design software. The Lancia Thesis tail-lights are good-looking as well as efficient.

The market has belatedly discovered what excellent cars they are. At 20 miles per gallon, the Thesis has a touring range of miles.

The change in the signal is processed by the electronic part of the sensor that activates the appropriate sweep rate.

The shock absorber valves on the system offered on the Lancia Thesis are controlled by an electronic control unit that screens factors such as load, road conditions, car motion and driver reactions.

In other words, it records internal and external temperature by means of certain sensors and assesses the sensation of thermal well-being experienced by passengers, i. The hunky, protective shoulders and well-proportioned front and rear overhangs help to increase the sensation of importance engendered by the car. That, rather than a concern for the economy, drives the preference.

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Drivers use the first to select the distance they wish to maintain in relation to the car in front on the basis of current speed.

When the wiper is not in operation, kancia are hidden beneath the edge of the bonnet so that they are practically invisible from inside and outside the car. You are commenting using your Facebook account. This device supplies heat energy to the power unit coolant to warm up the engine faster during cold starts and also heats the coolant in the system even with the engine off so you can come back to a warm car. The bleeps are emitted closer and closer together and become a continuous signal when the car reaches a distance of 25 cm from the obstacle.

Lancia Thesis V6 Review – Driven To Write

Saloon far better rigid structure than SW. In any case, the device may be activated only when: This enables the Skyhook system to choose the damping setting best suited to car driving conditions from an infinite range of possibilities within a few milliseconds and independently for each wheel.

Electric handles The Lancia Thesis comes with exclusive electric catches that open the doors by means of a power-assisted sskyhook. The voice memo may be used as a normal recording machine to take notes when the driver’s hands are busy driving half a minute of recording time corresponds to about eight rows of text. Part of the problem is political: The second wheel is used to set the required speed.

lancia thesis skyhook problem

The legroom is plentiful, more than enough to sprawl out during a long trip from Rome to Cap Ferrat. Manual adjustment is used for: