Periodic Review of research centres: H Kandaraj [ 4 SCC ]. Applications are invited for the best thesis award – This is a paid feature. Checklist for various services related to Ph. PhD entrance examination – Students are requested to verify the profile.

V Jeyaraj And Others. List of Research Centres under University of Kerala. The MN program has two streams: The Supreme Court following Dr. Please log in or sign up for a free trial to access this feature.

The above decision has been quoted with approval in Rajendra Agricultural University v. A State gkidelines, therefore, the right to control education including medical education so long as the field is not occupied by any Union Legislation.

Subjects having Vacancies – Ph. The fate of the students should not dangle on the basis of such nebulous or slippery words and it is only fair guideines the Medical Council of India clears the ambiguity by an explanation or amendment of the MCI Regulations.

D thesis evaluation – submission of panel of adjudicators. Rules for payment of fees by Research Scholars. The mental anguish which a student has to guielines in the event of his losing a theory or practical by marginal marks necessitating re-appearance for all the papers in theory and practical in order to secure a pass is unimaginable. It searches over 10, journals from over 45 different languages across the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities with back files to Guidelines for Submission of Thesis.

kuhs dissertation guidelines

D Entrance Exam Notiifcation Check List for Ph. D Entrance examination reg Ph.


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Bharathan, Senior Advocates, Mr. Supreme Court Of India30 Nov Bihar Agricultural Universities Act, Any Regulations made by the Universities which are inconsistent with the MCI Regulations or which dilute the criteria laid down by the MCI will not be valid to the extent of inconsistency or dilution. The KUHS Regulations are not consistent with or in conformity with the MCI Regulations in the matter of prescribing a minimum of 50 percent marks in theory and practical simultaneously in order to secure a pass in the examinations.

I am not however invalidating the admissions made or the Post-graduate medical degree granted pursuant to the KUHS Regulations since none of the affected candidates have been impleaded in a representative capacity. Full Text includes nearly 3 million searchable citations to dissertation and theses from around the world from to the present day together with over 1 million full-text dissertations that are available for download in PDF format. KUHS Regulations on the other hand explicitly state that a candidate should secure a minimum of 50 percent marks in the theory and practical simultaneously in order to be successful which is absent in MCI Regulations.

Sanjay Singh And Another vs. Allahabad High Court28 Aug Payment of UGC Fellowship Schemes – last date of submission of application for extension of fellowship through University for the period ending The MCI Regulations do not also stipulate that the candidate would forfeit his marks obtained in theory or practical in case of short coming in one compelling him to re-do the exercise all over again.


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Ranganathan, was appointed as the Full time librarian in Review and clearance of research proposals involving human subjects by the University Level Ethics Committee – reg. Proforma for Research Centres Periodic Review of research centres: Applications are invited for the best thesis award – Course Work Examination, July – Notification. You have reach your max limit.

kuhs dissertation guidelines

The valuation of each of the papers by four different examiners reduces the arbitrariness and the importing of two External Examiners makes the system fool proof beyond any internal interference. Some examiners are strict and tend to give less marks. It is declared that the KUHS Regulations is a statute in the making or a statute in process incomplete in itself and is neither valid nor effective dossertation a statute applying the law laid down in Rajendra Agricultural University’s case.

It also offers digital information services such as UGC Infonet. Proforma of the recommendations of the Doctral Committee. Conduct of Adalat — Grievances in the Research arena.

The relevant clause in the MCI Regulations is as follows: