Immunity is the body’s natural way of killing pathogens. Emerging Diseases An unknown disease that appears in a population for the first time or a well-known disease that suddenly becomes harder to control is called an emerging disease. Viral diseases in humans include the common cold, influenza, AIDS, chicken pox, and measles. Using boiling water to clean dishes How are they different?

Compound that can block the growth and reproduction of bacteria 4. A virus is a particle made of nucleic acid, protein, and, in some cases, lipids. How are they different? Cell theory wikipedia , lookup. Match the term with its definition Term Definition 2.

Protection against viruses, either by hygiene or vaccination, is the best way to avoid viral illness. Scrapie is most likely caused by pathogens known as viroids.

Why is the process of nitrogen fixation important? Write the letter of the correct answer on the line at the left.

homework 20.1 viruses

Classifying Prokaryotes For Questions 1—5, viruxes each statement by writing the correct word or words. What is a bacteriophage? Cell theory wikipedialookup. Structure and Function Prokaryotes are identified by characteristics such as shape, the chemical nature of their cell walls, the way they move, and the way they obtain energy. The virus that causes the disease AIDS is a retrovirus.



What are spherical bacteria called? What occurs when viruses get inside cells? Some soil bacteria convert natural nitrogen gas into a form plants can use through a process called nitrogen fixation. Virusse handful of antiviral drugs have been developed that help reduce the symptoms of specific viruses.

What would happen to plants and animals if decomposers did not recycle nutrients? Bacterial diseases can be prevented and treated through the following methods: What are rod-shaped virhses called?

Match the term with its definition Term Definition 2. What are some human diseases caused by viruses? Another is virus and bacteria evolution. Developmental biology wikipedialookup.

Bacterial pathogens can produce many diseases that affect humans and other animals.

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They can be surrounded by a cell wall, which contains peptidoglycan. Compound that can block the growth and reproduction of bacteria 4.

homework 20.1 viruses

Autotrophs may be photoautotroph, or chemoautotrophs. A protein coat surrounding a virus is a n. Antibiotics are compounds that block the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Using bleach to clean a countertop Whiplike structures on a bacterium that produce movement are called A.


How are the causes of tuberculosis and diphtheria similar? Explain the role of bacteria in the living world. Humans use bacteria in industry, food production, and other ways.

Describe how prokaryotes vary in structure and function.

homework 20.1 viruses

Many prokaryotes can form endospores when conditions are unfavorable in order to protect their DNA. Some bacteria have a second Date. Why should meat be cooked until it is well-done?