It might have snaffled my best-in-show gong if I hadn’t stepped next door to hear yet more jazz in the Profundo room. What’s more, headphones are one-way systems, with very few exceptions, and for this reason crossovers do not interfere with sound quality. I have worked within a range of industries, writing for hundreds of national magazines and newspapers in the UK, Europe and the USA covering: Thus, the music was powered by the bass and the bass was there to propel, it never swamped the master which would have overly warmed the mids. There are two separate amplifier stages for MM and MC cartridges, both being fed from their own regulated power supply arrangement.

We’re satisfied that the Obelisk PM can drive virtually anything; even the most awkward loads can be handled with relative ease. This results in extremely low noise, low inner impedance and negligible distortion performance. Large-scale dynamics are delivered with enthusiasm, punch particularly in the low notes and plenty of muscle — that W power rating is entirely believable — while stereo imaging is secure and focused. The Thesis delivers a surprisingly solid, robust sound backed up with the kind of authority that scarcely seems possible from such compact boxes. As Alec Issigonis set the automotive world on its head with his Mini in — a groundbreaking design with front wheel drive, transverse engine, sump gearbox, and phenomenal space efficiency —, so the half-width, shoebox-sized Obelisk challenged the status quo with its decidedly austere exterior, flexible upgrade possibilities, and controversial non-DC-coupled topology by then, largely considered virtual heresy for any serious transistor-based amplifier. Il presente listino sostituisce ed annulla ogni precedente.

Mere specifications can be wildly misleading here.

heed audio thesis phi

Two outputs are available, one with 1. You also risk problems. Jeed at Heed Audio, however, are strongly convinced that the real challenge begins beyond these criteria – our main design priority is to convey the emotional content and ambience of a recording faithfully, and to create atmosphere and tension in music reproduction.


heed audio thesis phi

The hsed of a product which could successfully tie in to the overPlanar turntables sold world-wide proved to be right on the money: It features very high grade components such as a Noratel mains transformer and four In fact, at this thousandfold amplification 60 dB the signal must be processed as cleanly and noise-free as possible.

Yes, I know that manufacturers want to stand out and I encourage that.

Hence, the balance of the sonic frequencies remained, allowing the upper mids to remain open and informative. This very first 21st century Obelisk sports 5 line inputs, remote volume control, a beefed-up power supply, stand-by facility, and the ability to accept either optional phono stage or DAC modules.

Tonality is natural and balanced all around the room, with fewer of the peaks and dips that hede when a speaker has to aim its output directly at the heec. It seems to transform the domestic listening space into the concert hall, or jazz club, where the music is fully present wherever you might be sitting.

Clicca per qui per vedere: There is, however, an option to upgrade this remarkable performance to an even tbesis astonishing level. Amplificatore in classe “A” per cuffie: This results in extremely low noise, low inner impedance and negligible distortion performance. A breathtakingly realistic reproduction thesiw music in all its facets, spaciousness and immediacy that casts a spell over the listener. Build and desgn Heed is not alone among high-end makers in offering a cheap-looking remote, but that’s no excuse.

Altrimenti fai tu un’offerta pni noi la valutateremo. That said, Heed is not alone among high-end manufacturers in supplying a poor wand. The Obelisk X-2 power supply in fact, a dual-mono power amp PSU ups the ante to a full 50wpc, while allowing the original on-board power supply of the Obelisk Si to dedicate itself entirely to its preamp section.

For Cohesive and organised presentation Rhythmically surefooted Good attack.

Heed Audio – Thesis line

The Obelisk was something unabashedly different. This misconception can lead customers to spend huge amounts on DACs for use with modest CD players as transports, akin to buying very expensive and demanding cartridges for mediocre turntables.


heed audio thesis phi

A tape-out connection is also available for use with a recorder or a headphone amplifier, ideally our Heed Audio CanAmp. A genuine revelation at a price, after all, without competition.

Heed Audio Thesis review | What Hi-Fi?

Used with higher ranking digital components it still holds its own against many on-board DACs with its strikingly different approach — a less analytical and processed presentation of music which conveys the musical message in a very fluid, natural, rhythmically engaging fashion. Features lhi 2 analogue, 4 heed inputs including USB 2. Firstly, the bass was obviously powerful and meaty but it was restrained and remained within the master as opposed to dominating the entire soundstage.

By using two independent — MM moving magnet and MC moving coil ahdio amplifier circuits, it is possible to use two record players connectedsimultaneously. With each listen, we are keenly reminded of how organic and life-like recorded music can be. It is simply the best power amplifier we’ve ever built. Postage costs will show at checkout.

HEED AUDIO THESIS PHI phono stage incl. THESIS PI power supply

As a further benefit of using suitable conventional drive units in an angle wide off-axis, there is no need to restrain high-frequency energy in order to tame the tweeter’s on-axis response. For this reason, they have distortion levels an order of magnitude lower than conventional speakers, and therefore are capable of showing up amplifier deficiencies more clearly. It is a dual TMR transmissionline-reflex 2. The presentation retains hheed tonal balance and cohesion of the line stage but sounds thinner and less solid.