As an architect, I appreciate very much this post. Haha, the first time you hear, it does sound crazy! Running around the inside of the dome is the whispering gallery where even the softest sound can be heard on the other side of the mausoleum due to the acoustics of the space. Makes me hesitate of a hour car ride from Bangalore thought…. I love pendentive architecture, so you sold me on it from the start, but the acoustic phenomena is really amazing. Added to my list for sure. Sign in with Facebook Sign in with Google We never post anything without your permission.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Never heard of it before and you wrote a beautiful tribute to it. So, make sure to carry your camera to capture the serenity of this monument. Thanks for visiting our site Voyager — www. Gol Gumbaz is the most important monument in Bijapur.

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Added to my list for sure. I love hearing about history and new places to potentially go visit and this is one of them!

Try your vocal chords by a loud shout esway the monument to hear a echo that can be heard 11 times even at a distance of 37 km. Thanks for the extra videos inside — the Whispering Gallery is really cool!


General Info Places to Visit Transport. This is a very informative post and I will actually bookmark it because I am returning to India in November and this time heading South. Request you to goo http: The fantastic whispering gallery of Gol Gumbaz is situated at the height of Case of wanderlust, spread!

The Mystery of the Whispering Gallery of Gol Gumbaz

I kept wondering where is Gol Gumbaz? The building consists of four thick walls topped by a dome, the outside diameter of which is ft. Thus by the sheer size of various yol, Gol Gumbaz reigns supreme in the world of architecture. Thanks so much for sharing this little gem!

gol gumbaz essay

It is so ingeniously planned to convert the square hall into a circular one by making it into eight angles over which the entire load of the dome rests. This is a mosque again standing as an outstanding example of Islamic architecture.

Gol Gumbaz – Wikipedia

Your writeup is inspiring us to do that. I would like to experience the whispers. The dome of Gol Gumbaz is one of the largest domes ever built in the history, with a diameter measuring up to feet.

Sadly the structure never saw the light of day and only two vertical arches stand as silent testimony to the royal intrigues of the Adil Shahi dynasty. Bijapur is an important city in Karnataka and is well connected by the major parts of the state as well as the country. Thus, it has over eighteen thousand square feet. Starting from INR 2, Yes, this is one place, travelers should visit. Meaning ‘the circular dome’ the second largest dome in the world, after the St.


Gol Gumbaz

But I always like to walk around the new places that I visit, just to soak in the atmosphere of the place, but in this case, a heavy lunch followed by a walk in the sun was probably not one of my wisest decisions.

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gol gumbaz essay

It is the second largest dome in the world after St Peter’s Basilica in Rome. The tomb, located in Bijapur is about kms from Bengaluru in Karnataka.


Bijapur is famous for its beautiful monuments built in the Islamic architectural style during the reign of the Adil Shahi dynasty. Thank you so much for sharing!

gol gumbaz essay

So, make sure to carry your camera to capture the serenity of this monument. We learn so many this daily and this world has so much to offer! Sign in with Google. Will have to research her.