Essays written in simple and lucid language, with due regard to grammar and punctuation rules will always stand you in good stead. Most of the ransomware was spread hidden within Word documents, PDFs and other files normally sent via email. Important dates and related information. Read about its impact on the businesses of people dealing in dairy products. In the Body of the essay, focus on analyzing the topic from as many different perspectives as possible, neatly divided into points or paragraphs.

Flipkart and Snapdeal merger: India-Bangladesh joint military exercise to be held from March 2. So be prepared to know everything about the landmark events and score well in the GK section of XAT Government is not able to implement the policies properly due to the huge magnitude of poverty. Since you have to write only words, there is little room for beating around the bush.

This will arm you with necessary facts, examples and information that will strengthen your viewpoints. In Paper 2, topics related to General Knowledge and Essay Writing are asked to test your writing ability along with speed and accuracy.

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India-Bangladesh joint military exercise to be held from March 2. First step to XAT preparation.

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Follow a classical Introduction-Body-Conclusion Structure. Without any talent, an individual might start at a disadvantage. Ideal number of attempts to score a good percentile in XAT The Myanmar Government says that Rohingya people are not Burmese citizens — but the Rohingya have been living in Myanmar for generations. Qualification and criteria to appear for XAT. The essay is clubbed with the General Awareness GA section in the XAT and you are given a consolidated time of 40 minutes to attempt 30 questions of GA as well as write a word essay on a given topic.


Also, get the essay evaluated from an experienced teacher on a regular basis. Selective listening is a hurdle in our efforts to synthesize diverse viewpoint. India took the matter to the ICJ, citing that it had been repeatedly denied consular access to Jadhav in violation of the provisions of the Vienna Convention.

When we open our mind and heart to different views, only then will true harmony be established. While preparing for the purpose of XAT essay writing, focus on the fact that which sectors of Indian economy are the worst hit ones and which ones have outshined. Political discourse in the country has been reduced to a sham, as opposition leaders are more interested in finding faults in the government, rather than discussing our nation’s xxt.

Hopefully, the GST regime is able to revive the economic growth.

essay topics xat

After the Ransomware attack, cyber security of Indian IT sector has become a big question. A must read for MBA aspirants.

Listening is a dying art. Public debates are limited to finger pointing and name-calling, as there is no room left for listening to voices of disagreement. Article 48 of the Constitution of India mandates the state to prohibit the slaughter of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle.

Xst domestic package clocked at Rs. In managerial positions, you will be interacting with people from all walks of life.

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Also read about the pros and cons of this policy in both long and short xay. In this article, we will provide you with a strategy on how to prepare for the XAT essay and how to approach the topic given to you in the exam. New India is one concept that comprehensively caters to all the recent changes that have somersaulted the otherwise smooth growth of all the sectors of economy. Bad bank and NPA Topjcs So get ready to answer whether there should be rules and regulations set against this aspect as well?


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Pick up topics from a wide variety of areas and practice writing an essay in 20 minutes. By Nidhi Gupta Dec 7, Ideally one paragraph should contain only one idea. As per the recent judgment the court said that until the government formulates a law regarding triple talaq, there would be an injunction against husbands pronouncing triple talaq on their wives. Take a look at the top 25 topics to prepare for the exam like a pro.

But, the current scenario is deviating Indian economy towards a cashless future!

essay topics xat

One of the most challenging aspects of the XAT is the section on Essay writing.