A man fixes a tarpaulin in Visakhapatnam after it was damaged by strong winds caused by Cyclone Hudhud. Pictures from Visakhapatnam on Sunday, above, showed downed electrical poles, uprooted trees and debris strewn in the streets. As the cyclone Hudhud, which lashed Visakhapatnam yesterday with storm winds touching close to kilometres per hour, proceeds further into interior south Chhattisgarh with the wind force flagging the nation can breathe easy. Fake Currency Notes and the government measures to check the menace. Coringa, India Bay of Bengal , 5. View 5 comments Post a comment. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Cyclone Hudhud.

About thousand hectares of cropland was devastated by the cyclone. A man walks along a sodden dirt road as strong winds strike a coastal town in the southern Indian state of Orissa. Cyclone Hudhud – The Devastation and its Aftermath. These evacuations were on a scale not seen since Cyclone Phailin struck the same area last year. Phailin brought very heavy rain of over mm at many stations of Odisha.

Interested in blogging for timesofindia. A promise of security for the girl child. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Hudhyd has promised Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu “all possible assistance” in coping with storm damage and recovery needs, the Times of India reported on Sunday.

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The Indian Ocean is a cyclone hot spot. The system then drifted northwards towards Uttar Pradesh and Nepalcausing widespread rains in both areas and heavy snowfall in the latter. Television footage from Visakhapatnam showed downed electrical poles, uprooted trees and massive debris strewn in the streets.


Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on India. The local government made arrangements to shift half a million people in all. Barisal, Bangladesh Bay of Bengal hduhud, Consolidated water conservation and management.

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh N. The damage caused by the cyclone was estimated to be about crores. The death toll from a powerful cyclone which battered India’s eastern coastline rose to 24 today, as the storm weakened and moved inland, leaving indla swathe of destruction and triggering fears heavy rains would bring flash floods.

Cyclone Hudhud blasts India’s east coast, at least five dead – Reuters

India successfully places its communication satellite GSAT-6 in orbit. What is a Cyclone? Swatlow, China West Pacific 60, Retrieved 6 November According to the state government, about 2.

essay on hudhud in india

A tropical cyclone is a rotational low pressure system in tropics when the central pressure falls esaay 5 to 6 hPa from the surrounding and maximum sustained wind speed reaches 34 knots about 62 kmph. Above, Visakhapatnam is hit.

Cyclone Prone Areas in India India has a coastline of about 7, km of which 5, km is along the mainland. View 5 comments Post a comment.

Cyclone Hudhud slams into India killing 24 and causing flooding

Esssay in Andhra Pradesh recorded heavy rainfall of about mm in just two days. A general view of the damaged Vishakapatnam airport after cyclone Hudhud’s land fall.


Picking up the pieces: For tackling cyclone Hudhud the Indian navy was nominated as the lead force for rescue and relief operations.

essay on hudhud in india

Chandrababu Naidu, who visited Visakhapatnam on Monday, said he was fully confident that response to the disaster would be quick. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the better experience on our website. Nagasaki Typhoon, Japan Western Pacific 15, About 16, electric poles were knocked down by cyclone fury that also left around 6, transformers damaged.

Cyclone Hudhud pounds India’s Andhra Pradesh and Orissa

Retrieved 22 April How Cyclone Hudhud got its name? Hudhud was likely to batter a km stretch of coastline before losing force as it moves inland, forecasters said. A man braces himself against strong winds as he walks along a beach in Gopalpur, in the eastern Indian state of Orissa on Sunday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inspected hudhuf cyclone-hit areas to assess the situation and announced Rs crore-aid as an interim relief for the cyclone affected areas by the Centre. The man is able to grab onto the woman and pull her out of the stormy water near the coastal town of Gopalpur, in the state of Orissa.